What if CM Punk returns to WWE?

After the latest sequence of events, CM Punk’s return to WWE has become a strong possibility. The Voice of the Voiceless was last seen in his former promotion at the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Over the years, Punk has been a highly controversial figure in the wrestling industry. He left WWE in 2014 after alleged issues with management. However, his transition to All Elite Wrestling was highly successful, as he won the world championship twice in a short period of time.

Punk again found himself at the center of controversy in September 2022. During the post-All Out media scrum, he addressed rumors of him attempting to get Colt Cabana fired from AEW. He also had some harsh words for the company’s EVPs and Hangman Page.

The latest report by Dave Meltzer about Punk’s contractual status has fueled speculation about his potential return to WWE. According to the veteran journalist, Tony Khan’s promotion is in talks about a “buy-out” of Punk’s deal. Given that the monetary needs of the superstar can seemingly be fulfilled only by AEW or WWE, a shift to the latter is a likelihood.

Although CM Punk is allegedly not in the good books of WWE ever since his departure, he could let bygones be bygones and return under the backing of Triple H.

Both icons of professional wrestling could even use the heat between them as means for an epic storyline. The Best in the World can challenge the authority, like in the past, and overcome challenges put forth by The Game.

Punk would also make for a great opponent for Roman Reigns on the Road to WrestleMania. With the rumors of Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson performing at The Show of Shows, it will make the build-up to the potential showdown more interesting.

Will fans witness the battle of the Samoan cousins, or will CM Punk finally get a WrestleMania main event bout against his former arch-rival, The Rock? Only time will tell.

Other potential opponents for CM Punk in WWE

Multiple superstars have added the former world champion to their list of targets. Kevin Owens is not a big fan of Punk due to their backstage argument in the past, and neither is AJ Styles. They could naturally fight the potentially returning superstar and give the audience an in-ring spectacle.

Seth Rollins is another viable challenger for CM Punk. Both have fought each other in the past, but not in their primes. The Visionary could significantly boost his opponent as a babyface while not looking weak. Matt Riddle may join the party to make a triple-threat rivalry for one of the world titles.


The Best in the World could also target mid-card championships after his return instead of entering the main event scene. Challenging GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship, Punk could provide multiple exciting matches while giving WWE ample time to boost his credibility.

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