Major former WWE star admits he wasn’t close to Bray Wyatt backstage

A long-awaited WWE return has made Bray Wyatt the most trending name in pro wrestling, and rightfully so. Kurt Angle also recently opened up about Wyatt’s comeback on his podcast, where he was asked about his off-screen relationship with the returning star.

Despite being part of the same WWE roster a few years back, Kurt Angle admitted that he didn’t spend a lot of time with Bray Wyatt behind the scenes.

Aside from sharing the usual pleasantries, Angle sadly didn’t have any memorable backstage stories featuring Wyatt as they weren’t all that close outside the ring.

Here’s what the WWE Hall of Famer revealed on this week’s episode of The Kurt Angle Show:

“Well, I’ll tell you this. I didn’t know Bray that well. I mean, I knew him; I would say hi to him and how are you doing and everything like that, but I really didn’t hang out with him. So, I don’t have any great stories about Bray Wyatt,” said the former WWE Champion. [5:50 – 6:06]

Kurt Angle, however, was thrilled to see Bray back in the WWE as he felt it would benefit both the talent and the company in the long run:

“But I’m really happy that he came back at Extreme Rules,” Angle added. “He is going to be there in 2022, and it’s a great thing for him and a great thing for the company. I think they’re both going to benefit from it.” [6:07 – 6:20]

What’s next for Bray Wyatt in WWE?

Bray Wyatt’s latest SmackDown appearance continued WWE’s patient approach with the Superstar from a creative standpoint. The 35-year-old star made an honest confession in a backstage promo and warned fans that he would do “horrible things” during his second stint in the company.

All roads seemingly lead to the introduction of ‘Wyatt 6,’ a rumored faction led by Wyatt that could potentially feature some new faces.

The dirt sheets have already revealed two exciting names for the group. It will be interesting to see how Triple H and his writers gradually peel off the layers of Wyatt’s mysterious storyline.

Are you a fan of how WWE has presented Wyatt since his return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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