Triple H being influenced by major WWE name to not bring CM Punk back despite him being interested? – Reports

Triple H and CM Punk have not always seen eye to eye. However, the Chief Content Officer of WWE is not entirely against bringing Punk back to the Stamford-based promotion if and when he leaves AEW. However, someone in the company is unwilling to have the former AEW World Champion back.

There has been a number of speculations regarding Punk’s future with AEW. He has not been seen or heard from since his backstage brawl with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks after All Out. He was also stripped of the AEW World Championship, and some reports stated that the company is looking to buy out Punk’s contract.

Wade Keller of PWTorch noted on his podcast that Triple H is much more likely to bring CM Punk back to WWE than Vince McMahon was. He stated that while McMahon never saw a major star in Punk, Triple H has a tendency to listen to the fans and do what could be beneficial for the product. However, someone in his sphere is against the idea of Punk returning:

”Somebody who’s currently in WWE, and is within the sphere of influence of Paul Levesque’s decision making would be a hard ‘No’ as of me asking this person today. A hard ‘No’ on endorsing the return of CM Punk, even if it would help business.” (H/T: WrestlingNews)

Reason why Triple H is open to CM Punk returning

Wade Keller revealed that a certain person did not think bringing Punk was a good idea regardless of whether he would draw or not. The reason for the apprehension is not only his past behavior in WWE, but also how he conducted himself in AEW.

”But when I asked, I got a long paragraph of one sentence after another of negative comments about how they feel about Punk now, compared to 8, 9, 10 years ago, based on what’s happened in AEW, in the last 13 months.

He also said that he spoke to three different people from AEW and that the locker room will likely not be in favor of Punk returning to the company. Furthermore, he stated that he believes that Triple H could possibly bring the former WWE Champion back, but would have to face a lot of opposition.

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