Wrestling legend details how Bray Wyatt surprised the WWE Universe

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell recently commented on Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE, disclosing how the former Universal Champion surprised the fans.

Wyatt returned to the Stamford-based company earlier this month at Extreme Rules. In his first appearance on SmackDown following his comeback, The Eater of Worlds delivered an emotional promo in which he seemingly broke character and spoke about his real life.

Speaking about Wyatt’s comeback on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the wrestling legend stated that the spectators were surprised when Wyatt broke the fourth wall:

“I think Bray gave them the real Bray Wyatt. I don’t think they knew what they were going to see but in seeing that, I think that surprised the people. And that’s like you’re [breaking the fourth wall]. So I think that’s what he did. He opened it up and there he was. And he has some kind of a mythical quality about him too. As long as that doesn’t get broken, I think he’s going to be fine,” he said. (4:52 – 5:27)

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Dutch Mantell believes Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the right time

After spending nearly 12 years in WWE, the Stamford-based company released Bray Wyatt from his contract in July 2021. He then stepped away from active competition for more than a year before returning to the company earlier this month.

Speaking on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the legendary booker revealed that he believes Wyatt returned at the right time:

“I don’t know how much he’s going to make in the overall scheme of things, but he came back at the exact right time. It’s almost like the perfect storm, in a good way, is coming because Vince is gone, Triple H is back, Creative has more control, they’re more competent, plus Bray Wyatt is a master thinker, creator. I think if they are lacking on some of what they want him to do, he’s more than able and willing to fill them in,” he added. (5:27 – 6:12)


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