5 Secrets that The Miz could be forced to reveal on WWE RAW

Dexter Lumis has targeted The Miz on WWE RAW over the last few months, and it’s become clear that this has become much more than a random attack.

Johnny Gargano noted last week that Miz had a secret and if he revealed this then Lumis would stop coming after him. The A-Lister failed to do this, and has now been handed an ultimatum that if he doesn’t tell the world his secret next week on RAW, then Gargano will do it for him.

What is The Miz hiding? The following article looks at five potential secrets that could be revealed.

#5. The Miz has done something to Dexter Lumis or his family

This appears to be something that Lumis has a personal interest in, even though the star doesn’t speak. This gives the impression that whatever the secret is, it is related to Lumis or his family. Could The Miz have done something to Lumis without knowing it or could he have shunned Lumis’ children, brothers, etc when they asked for an autograph?

It could be something minimal that Lumis has latched onto and vowed that he will get some revenge for his loved ones. It could also be that Miz has witnessed something that Lumis has done and he is trying to keep him quiet.

#4. The Miz is related to Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis has found his way into Miz’s house, attacked him backstage and in the WWE arena in recent weeks, which shows there could be a link between the two men here.

Lumis isn’t a contracted WWE Superstar, but he could have asked for his relative’s help when he was fired from the company and The Miz refused. The secret here could be that Lumis is his brother or a close relation and he doesn’t want the rest of the world to know.

#3. Lumis knows something that Miz doesn’t want Maryse to find out

The Miz is on the road 300 days a year without his wife and children, and of course, there is time for things to happen that he wouldn’t want to get back to his family. At the moment, the duo appears to have a happy relationship and a hit reality TV series, things that could be taken away if there is something that Lumis knows that could break up his marriage.

Could it be that Lumis has seen something or witnessed something that he believes The Miz should come clean about?

#2. The Miz was the one who got Lumis and several other WWE NXT stars fired

Johnny Gargano obviously knows what this secret is, and so does Dexter Lumis. Gargano wasn’t one of the NXT stars who was released from WWE earlier in the year, since he opted to leave the company himself, which could be why he isn’t as mad at Miz.

What if Lumis found out that it was The Miz or even his new contract that was the reason why so many NXT Superstars had to be released earlier in the year? Lumis could now be pushing for the world to know just how greedy The Miz is if he signed the deal knowing the consequences.

#1. Lumis knows some indiscretion in Miz’s past

WWE secrets are always on a different level, so if it is that Lumis is aware of an indiscretion in The Miz’s past, then expect it to be explosive. Looking at age and current storylines, one that could be interesting is WWE’s usual go-to regarding an illegitimate child.

Austin Theory is 25 years old, and The Miz is 42, this means that he could be his father if that’s the road that the company wishes to go down. Lumis worked closely with Theory in NXT and could have discovered this secret, which would be why Gargano also knows. It would be an interesting revelation if that’s the route that is being taken.

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