Current champion hits back at Seth Rollins following his seemingly disrespectful comments on WWE RAW

A current champion has slammed United States Champion Seth Rollins for the comments he made on WWE Monday Night RAW.

On this week’s episode of the red brand, Austin Theory squared off against Mustafa Ali while Rollins sat at the commentary table. While calling the bout, Kevin Patrick asked the current United States Champion if he was afraid that Theory might cash in his Money in the Bank contract on him.

Answering the question, The Visionary stated that Theory would have a better chance if he cashed in on other champions, such as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns or 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke:

“Theory knows better. He understands he’s got a much better chance cashing in on Roman or Dana Brooke. Really anybody but me,” Rollins replied. (5:38 – 5:48)

Brooke then took to Twitter to slam Rollins for his comments, which she seemingly found disrespectful:

“Talk is CHEAP!! I work my a** off every single day & will not tolerate this s**t anymore! I can promise you I am the hardest working WOMAN around, never have I taken off work, always worked through injuries, proved multiple times I can fit any position given & DO IT W/ A SMILE!” Brooke wrote.

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Seth Rollins is currently feuding with Mustafa Ali on WWE RAW`

Over the past few weeks, Mustafa Ali has been chasing the United States Championship. He challenged former champion Bobby Lashley but came up short. Although The Almighty promised him a rematch, Lashley lost the title to Seth Rollins before Ali had the chance.

Last week on RAW, however, Ali demanded another shot at the title from the new champion. However, Rollins seemingly refused before the two brawled. On the latest episode of RAW, The Visionary distracted the referee to help Austin Theory defeat Ali. After the match, Rollins and Ali again engaged in another brawl.

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