“He hurt me, motherf****r” – Former WWE Superstar reacts to Hall of Famer’s recent criticism of Goldberg

Following Bret Hart’s recent comments on Goldberg, former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree has shared his thoughts on the Hitman’s words.

At a recent autograph signing, Hart stated that the hardworking 90s wrestler Barry Horowitz deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame more than the former WCW and Universal Champion. Many believe Bret’s low opinion of Goldberg stems from the match they had in WCW in 1999, where Hart was concussed following a stiff kick from the Hall of Famer.

Speaking on the Cafe de Rene show, Dupree gave his opinion on both Bret Hart’s comments as well as the ex-NFL star’s ability as a wrestler:

“Well he was right about hurting everybody, he hurt me, motherf****r. Yeah he’s right Horowitz could actually wrestle.” [From 0:50 to 1:01]

Watch the full video below:

Horowitz wrestled on and off for WWE for ten years, and despite never capturing a championship belt, he remained a steady hand in the ring as he predominantly worked as a jobber for new incoming stars.

Goldberg addresses top WWE star’s comments on physicality in the ring

As somebody who came from the world of American Football before wrestling, the 55-year-old is used to hitting his opponents as hard as possible.

Speaking on the Roman Atwood podcast, the former Universal Champion gave his thoughts on top WWE star Roman Reigns’ comments regarding him not wanting to hit his opponents too hard.

“I’ll just be honest, Roman said how stupid it is to go out and hit people hard. Well, if you hit people hard and not hurt them, blur that line, I think it’s pretty smart. Plus, I don’t look like a , no offense, girl when I tackle people,” said Goldberg. [H/T Sportskeeda]

Like him and Roman, many other stars of today have used the spear as their match sealing move, such as WWE Hall of Famer Edge and current NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

Has any WWE star delivered a more vicious spear than Goldberg? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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