James Gunn Shuts Down Anyone Claiming to Know the DCU’s Future

James Gunn Shuts Down Anyone Claiming to Know the DCU’s Future

The new co-head of DC Studios James Gunn says only he and Peter Safran know the future of the DC Universe and shuts down anyone claiming otherwise.The new co-head of DC Studios James Gunn denies anyone claiming to know details about the future of the DC Universe.

“Anyone who says they know anything about anything in the future DCU is bullshitting, because right now that’s truly only me and Peter [Safran],” Gunn said on Twitter. This was in response to a question about some fans claiming to know who the new Batman will be in the DCU.Warner Bros. Discovery named Gunn and Safran as co-chairs and co-CEOs of DC Studios in October, which encompasses film, television and animation. The studio replaces DC Films, which was shuttered following Walter Hamada’s exit that same month. Gunn will oversee the creative aspect of DC Studios, while Safran’s role will center around business and production. The two have confirmed that they have a ten-year-plan “to tell one great overarching story… across film, television gaming, live-action, and animation.”The Future of the DC Cinematic Universe
Gunn recently confirmed reports that he and Safran would be revealing their plans for the future of the DCU film franchise to Warner Bros. Discovery executives within the next two months. This confirmation lines up with comments from Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav who stated that Gunn and Safran were “close to the end” of drafting their DC Universe Bible for the new studio, which will serve as a roadmap for the new cinematic universe.

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