Dwayne Johnson Once Brutally Trolled NFL Legend Tom Brady for His Meek Rendition of the WWE Legend

Dwayne Johnson Once Brutally Trolled NFL Legend Tom Brady for His Meek Rendition of the WWE Legend

Dwayne Johnson is arguably one of the greatest entertainers of all time. After starting as a footballer, Johnson changed his career gears to that of a pro wrestler. Soon, he found a career in acting and made his way into Hollywood.

Johnson has a unique persona and rarely are there other personalities who can go toe to toe with The Brahma Bull. However, NFL Legend, Tom Brady dared to do so once and faced the outcome of it as well. Tom Brady took to Facebook to post a hilarious video, imitating The Rock while promoting his clothing line and also got brutally trolled.

After a few initial years of struggle, Johnson found himself in a comfortable seat in Hollywood. He also possesses an impressive physique, with muscles oozing out from everywhere. Achieving a physique like that took The Rock a lot of hard work, determination, and passion.

Brady spoke the iconic catchphrase of Johnson, before switching to a calmer and natural tone of speech. Johnson took the video sportingly and responded hilariously. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star said, “Hey Rock! What kind of sleep were you sleeping in? It doesn’t matter what kind of sleep you were sleeping in.”

Brady was promoting his TB12 sleepwear by Under Armour, and warmly concluded that he has sent a similar package to The Rock. The 50-year-old took the imitation sportingly and came back with his one response.

How did Dwayne Johnson react to Tom Brady’s imitation of him?
Dwayne Johnson is widely known for his sense of humor, and he responded to Brady’s comments hilariously by uploading a video on Facebook.

Johnson started off by listing all of Brady’s achievements and then moved on to the video. The Rock said, ” I mean you are sitting thereof You are sitting on some rocks which I guess that’s supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock. And your legs are open like Kermit the frog, like you are getting ready to sing, rainbow connection for christ’s sake.”

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