Movie Release Guide: Everything Coming Out in 2022

Movie Release Guide: Everything Coming Out in 2022

2022 has a ton of great movies coming out, with Avatar 2, Black Adam, Strange World and Thor: Love and Thunder being just a few of them.2022 has already seen tons of great films released, both in the theaters and at home through streaming services. From hellish ends to classic franchises, as well as the potential beginnings of new ones, there’s a lot to look forward to in the latter half of the movie-going year. Even beyond big franchises like Avatar, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC films, the cinema has tons of surprises waiting for audiences.

With all these movies coming out and the theater experience getting back to normal, it’s almost hard to keep up with them, especially their release dates. To keep you in the know, CBR has produced a list of the rest of 2022’s movie releases, when they come out and their biggest stars. Scroll down to stay on top of what could become the next box office blockbusters.

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