When Does Black Adam Take Place in the DCU Timeline?

When Does Black Adam Take Place in the DCU Timeline?

The DC Universe timeline isn’t well explained, making the chronological placement of Black Adam more challenging to decipher.

Now that Black Adam has been released, the timeline and where it fits into the DC Universe are still unclear for some. DCU’s timeline and chronology have always been difficult to untangle, and what’s been shown in Black Adam only confused matters more. This is the exact opposite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which movies’ events are pinpointed to the very second in relation to the timeline.

Black Adam clearly references different established parts of the DC Universe, but even their own continuity placement remains somewhat amorphous. Add in the nature of the film’s Justice Society of America, and the movie seems to almost be in a world of its own. Thankfully, a post-credits scene and other elements finally begin to cement the wider DCU, connecting the near-decade worth of disparate films.

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