DC’s Static Shock Live-Action Movie: Everything We Know

DC’s Static Shock Live-Action Movie: Everything We Know

Warner Bros. Discovery is in the midst of some major changes behind the scenes, which unfortunately is leading to a number of projects being cut from the release schedule. This includes the largely-public cancelation of Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and the axing of a DC Wonder Twins movie, although there’s one other new outing that still remains in the balance – Static Shock.

With so many WB projects being canceled, fans are rightly wondering what is the fate of the Static Shock movie? Well, ahead is a look back at the biggest news surrounding the development of this mysterious new DC outing and what we think the future holds.

Static, actually teenager Virgil Hawkins, is a young man imbued with a multitude of superpowers. Chiefly among them are the abilities of electromagnetic control and generation.

Static is primarily known to non-comic book fans as the star of his very own animated series within the DCAU (DC Animated Universe), which ran from 2000 to 2004. But now, an entirely new generation of fans will likely be born.

Static Shock Movie Officially Announced in 2020
Over two years ago at DC FanDome 2020, this movie was confirmed to be in development by DC CCO Jim Lee and Static Shock animated voiceover actor Phil LaMarr, alongside director Reginald Hudlin.

Additionally, this was announced alongside the return of Milestone Comics, an initiative by DC that was started in 1993 that gave voices to unrepresented voices in the medium of comic books. All of this is part of DC’s initiative to push for more African American voices in film and comics.

Michael B. Jordan Joins as a Producer
Only a couple of months later in October 2020, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros. joined forces with Michael B. Jordan, who would serve as a producer on Static Shock. After his time playing Erik Killmonger for Marvel Studios in Black Panther, he was set to serve as the creative center for this new movie with major plans set for the future should it be a success.

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