63-year-old wants to face Goldberg in a retirement match

Bill Goldberg has allegedly refused to compete in a match against Duane Gill for several years. However, the man behind the Gillberg gimmick is still hoping to face the WCW icon in a retirement bout one day.

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Gill, 63, began impersonating the WWE Hall of Famer on the independent scene in the 1990s. When he returned to WWE in 1998, the company’s higher-ups saw his impression and decided to use the character on television.

On the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Gill spoke about the possible collaborations he could have had with the 55-year-old:

“A Gillberg-Goldberg wrestling figure pack, how much money would that have made?” Gill said. “He could have said, ‘Hey, I brought the toughest guy (…) as my tag team partner,’ and bring me out and just have me for a match or two as his tag team partner. ‘My little buddy, my little buddy.’” [34:26 – 34:45]

Moving forward, Gill is willing to put his career on the line if they ever face each other in a singles match:

“I’ve asked him right to his face. I said, ‘Bill, please, let’s have this match.’ I said, ‘I’ll make a hundred grand, you’ll make a million, and I’ll be able to retire.’ ‘No… no…’” [34:48 – 35:02]

The Gillberg and Goldberg characters have interacted on a handful of occasions on television over the last 19 years, but they have never gone one-on-one.

Duane Gill told Stephanie McMahon and Triple H about his Goldberg wish

In July, Triple H became WWE’s Chief Content Officer when he replaced Vince McMahon as the company’s creative figurehead. Stephanie McMahon also received a promotion, becoming WWE’s Chairwoman and co-CEO.

Gill has made the two higher-ups aware that he wants to finally do battle with the two-time Universal Champion:

“Everybody knows I wanted to do the match. I told Stephanie, Hunter [Triple H], all of them. You could, right now, do it and it would work on a pay-per-view. Even though everybody knows Goldberg could kill me, you could put it on a pay-per-view and it would sell. It would raise the ratings. They would buy just to see that.” [36:02 – 36:25]

In the same interview, Gill revealed why he once swore at Bruce Prichard during a tense backstage conversation at a WrestleMania event.

Should Triple H book the never-before-seen match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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