Goldberg gives honest thoughts on WWE’s opinion of him as Champion

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has shared his honest thoughts on the company’s opinion of him as champion.

Bill Goldberg is one of the most notable names in the sports entertainment industry and one of the finest exports from WCW following the Monday Night Wars. In 2003, he shocked the world when he made his way to WWE and attacked The Rock. Goldberg left the company soon after, before returning in 2016 when he squashed Brock Lesnar in under two minutes at Survivor Series.

Speaking on the Roman Atwood Podcast, the 55-year-old superstar gave his honest thoughts on how the company perceived him as a champion:

“I think at WCW I was the world champion for a while. WWE, I don’t think they ever wanted me to be the champion for more than like 10 minutes. Although I’m still in a contract, sorry guys.” (From 9:58 to 10:09)

Regardless of his thoughts, Da Man is a former World Heavyweight Champion and a two-time Universal Champion in the company.

How long was Goldberg the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE

After WWE purchased WCW, several notable WCW stars went missing as they decided to either sit through their contracts or work on the independent circuit. One of the big names who didn’t transition to WWE immediately was Bill Goldberg. In 2003, he finally made his way to the company after Stone Cold Steve Austin departed.

His first feud was with The Rock, he notably defeated The Great One at Backlash 2003. Following this success, he soon began feuding with Triple H and Evolution on RAW. His first loss came when Triple H attacked him with a sledgehammer inside the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight title at SummerSlam 2003.

In September 2003, he captured the World Heavyweight Championship after he defeated The Cerebral Assassin and spent 84 days as the champion. In December of the same year, The Game regained the title in a Triple Threat match which ended Goldberg’s reign.

In 2004, he spent his remaining time on the roster feuding with Brock Lesnar on SmackDown. The two superstars met at WrestleMania XX in a clash which the WCW icon ultimately won. Unfortunately, both superstars left the company to pursue other interests at the time.

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