Jim Cornette bashes AEW for killing major star’s “Goldberg-type” appeal 

AEW’s handling of its major stars has often come under fire from wrestling veterans and fans alike. In his recent podcast episode, Jim Cornette bashed the promotion for ruining Wardlow’s ‘Goldberg-type’ appeal.

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During last week’s AEW Dynamite, fans, unfortunately, witnessed Wardlow suffer yet another defeat at the hands of Samoa Joe. Shortly after the bout, Joe further humiliated the former TNT Champion by cutting off his signature ponytail.

During the latest edition of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the former wrestling manager took a jab at Tony Khan’s aspirations to become Booker of the Year.

“In the Booker of the Year’s ultimate wisdom, Tony Khan has decided that the best way to rehabilitate Wardlow’s sagging popularity after they’ve completely fumbled the ball with his booking is to put him in a program with Samoa Joe,” said Cornette. (00:04 onward)

Cornette added the promotion should have booked Wardlow like Goldberg or one of the Road Warriors.

“Wardlow had size and power, and the ability to physically dominate his opponents – kind of like a Goldberg or Road Warrior-type of appeal – especially in the land of Lilliput that is AEW. When you put him against a guy obviously more experienced and powerful – Wardlow not only can’t muscle him around like he could the smaller guys, [he] is still green.” (01:13 onward)

WCW veteran Konnan also notably slammed Tony Khan for booking Wardlow to lose to and be humiliated by Samoa Joe.

Jim Cornette believes that Wardlow could be embarrassed due to his portrayal and hopes that AEW will undergo massive changes

Wardlow quickly went from being MJF’s bodyguard and powerhouse to one of the most over stars on the AEW roster. Leading up to his run with the TNT Championship, The War Dog seemed to have a bright future. However, he has recently lost momentum due to some significant losses to Joe.

During the same episode, Jim Cornette cheekily claimed he’d bleach his hair and change his name if he was ever treated the way Wardlow was by AEW.

“I’ll tell you what, I’d change my name too if I had done that last [spot]. I’d grow a beard, I’d bleach my hair, I’d change my name – make sure they can’t recognize me after that program. So yeah, we can’t wait for the new look – maybe they’ll get a new roster? And a new booker?” (10:57 onward)

It remains to be seen what lies ahead for Wardlow after his recent string of losses. The War Dog’s fans would expect him to bounce back in the coming weeks.

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