Rhea Ripley Caught Kissing Matt Riddle as Dominik Mysterio is Sad about Affair – WWE News


– Matt Riddle bumped into Elias backstage. He said he’s been working on his rhymes so he can help Elias with his tunes. Elias stated that he has a long history of being interrupted, and he vowed to do something about it. But because Riddle and Ezekiel were close, he let “The Original Bro” slide. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) interrupted, with Gable cracking a joke about how the duo should be called Blink-180-Shoosh. He took a shot at Ezekiel, and Elias challenged him to a match. Elias then won his first singles match on Raw in over a year, and Riddle saved him from a post-match beatdown.


– The Miz confronted Johnny Gargano to tell him what he knows about Dexter Lumis did to him. Gargano remained adamant that he’s going to tell the truth if The Miz doesn’t, and the former champion went out to the ring. There, he recalled his issues with Lumis. He revealed that Lumis previously revealed why he targeted “The A-Lister” and stated that his mind was the reason. The Miz described how his decision to share his expertise with a young star was to blame. Gargano interrupted and stated that Miz is a liar. He noted that Ciampa is injured, and that’s why he hasn’t been seen. He again told The Miz to tell the truth, prompting R-Truth to come to the ring. He got upset because The Miz insulted his hometown’s Mac and Cheese. R-Truth then challenged The Miz to a match.




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