Roman Reigns’ Elimination Chamber opponent decided following Royal Rumble: Reports

Almost every WWE fan would wish to know what’s next for Roman Reigns after the emotionally charged ending to Royal Rumble. During the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer’s Daily Update, it was suggested that the Tribal Chief would face Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber.

The well-scripted narrative involving The Bloodline finally witnessed its most significant moment yet as Sami Zayn turned on Roman Reigns after refusing to join the faction’s attack on Kevin Owens. Zayn, as expected, paid for his actions as Roman Reigns’ crew laid him out before the show went off the air.

The post-match segment made Sami Zayn an even bigger babyface in the fans’ eyes. Despite Cody Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble, many members of the WWE Universe want the former Honorary Uce to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

The highly-anticipated singles match may not happen at The Show of Shows as WWE plans on booking at Elimination Chamber on February 18th. Here’s Dave Meltzer seemingly confirming the massive singles bout for the upcoming event:

“Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn is now as confirmed as it can be for the 2/18 Elimination Chamber show main event in Montreal.”

As we’d reported earlier, WWE had locked in Rhodes vs. Reigns for WrestleMania a few days before the Rumble. It seems unlikely that the company will disrupt the intended creative direction.

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The potential reason why WWE has not altered the booking for Roman Reigns heading into WrestleMania

WWE officials are thrilled by the reactions to The Bloodline segment and would probably not be blamed if they went ahead with Zayn vs. Reigns for WrestleMania. However, the promotion is clearly backing Cody Rhodes for the coveted ‘Mania match since he won the Royal Rumble as the odds-on favorite.

The American Nightmare’s victory has also raised doubts over the traditional Men’s Elimination Chamber Match and the stakes for the bout. What will the six superstars compete for, with Rhodes already the #1 contender and Reigns also possibly scheduled for a match against Sami Zayn?

While Dave Meltzer doesn’t know what WWE has in store for Elimination Chamber, he noted that Triple H’s regime has been against making modifications to its premium live events.

“I’m not sure what the men’s chamber match would be for since you’ve got Cody Rhodes already for the main event at WrestleMania,” Meltzer added. “Of course, this is WWE, and everything is subject to change, but major changes to planned PPV shows have been less with Paul Levesque in charge.”

Are you excited about Zayn and Reigns’ rumored singles match at Elimination Chamber? Share your reactions in the comment section below.

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