“No one could’ve seen that coming” – Hall of Famer details how Sami Zayn surprised everyone in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer & current NXT color commentator Booker T recently praised Sami Zayn for his performance in The Bloodline storyline.

The Bloodline attacked Kevin Owens after Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against The Prizefighter at the Royal Rumble premium live event.

However, when The Tribal Chief ordered Sami Zayn to join the attack, the former Honorary Uce turned on Reigns and hit him with a chair. While Jey Uso left the ring in disbelief, the other members of The Bloodline brutally beat down Zayn.

On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T praised Zayn’s performance, stating that he has “stepped up big time.”

“Sami Zayn has been giving like Oscar-worthy performances as of late, especially with The Bloodline. He’s made that thing come alive. He’s definitely made it feel a certain way when you watch it. He stepped up big time. A lot of people right now, I was just reading just something last week that was saying, ‘Sami Zayn the new face of the WWE.’ Just go to show you what this guy is. (…) Sami Zayn, he’s taken advantage of every opportunity that’s been presented to him,” he said. [1:07:13 – 1:08:08]

The six-time world champion continued to point out that Zayn has taken every advantage and made it into something special. He also stated that he was almost certain no one predicted the amount of success the former Honorary Uce has had.

“I’m quite sure, I could almost guarantee you this, 100% no one thought Sami Zayn was going to get that thing over as big as he has. No one. No one could’ve predicted that. No one could’ve seen that coming. But when you got something and it’s working, you say, ‘man, let’s ride with it. Let’s run away a little bit further. Sami has definitely, as well as The Usos, as well as Roman, those guys have been doing a hell of a job,” Booker added. [1:08:56 – 1:09:24]

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Booker T initially believed Sami Zayn wouldn’t last six months in WWE

Sami Zayn signed with WWE in 2013. Nearly two years later, he made his main roster debut. He has since been an active competitor on SmackDown and Monday Night RAW. The former member of The Bloodline is now one of the most popular stars on the roster.

On a previous episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T disclosed that he initially believed Zayn would not last six months in the company.

“Just think about a few years ago with Sami Zayn with that red hot white meat baby face. You know, jumping through the, you know, the bars, you know giving guys [the Helluva Kick]. I think he’s come like so far because I remember the first time I saw Sami Zayn, I go, ‘no way this guy’s gonna be around for six months.’ I swear,” Booker explalined.

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