The Bloodline civil war begins”- WWE fans react to Roman Reigns’ chilling message to Solo Sikoa after Royal Rumble victory

In his short run on the WWE main roster, Solo Sikoa has become Roman Reigns’ closest ally in The Bloodline. The Enforcer received a message from The Tribal Chief after the main event of the Royal Rumble.

This year’s edition of Royal Rumble ended on a shocking note as Sami Zayn betrayed Roman Reigns after being told to hit Kevin Owens with a steel chair. Sami was then brutally assaulted by The Bloodline.

While Jey Uso did not join his family in the beatdown, Solo Sikoa was at the heart of it as he mercilessly beat down the Honorary Uce. Before the event went off-air, Reigns confined his trust in Sikoa, stating that they’re at “war” now:

“We’re at war now Solo. We take no prisoners now,” said Roman.

I didn’t catch what Roman said at the very end of the #RoyalRumble. Rewatching & listening he said, “We’re at war now Solo. We take no prisoners now.”

The Tribal Chief’s words caught the attention of fans, with many wondering what this will mean for Sami Zayn. Few were also intrigued that Roman chose to say the words to Solo Sikoa and not Jimmy Uso.

@TimmyBuddy Prediction Jimmy is next I think After seeing his twin Jey leave the bloodline he will make the tough choice and also Leave leaving only Roman and solo And jey and Jimmy will go back to tagging but now they align with Sami full time and betray Roman and start partnership withSami

@TimmyBuddy The way I see this is Heyman isnt blood, Roman can’t trust him. Jey was weak and walked out, Roman can’t trust him. Jimmy and Jey are inseparable and if Jey’s out, Roman can’t trust Jimmy.

@TimmyBuddy @Justawrestling5 I find it interesting that it was directed to Solo and not Jimmy and Solo.

@TimmyBuddy In character all the way to the end!

@_handyred_ I didn’t know what he said either and when I saw this I was like wow we are getting something more than just Thunderdome era Roman.

@_handyred_ This can be the best storyline ever if carefully managed ,
This should be a civil war angle, Sami vs roman ,roman wins, uso breaks up, slowly elders start appearing, giving way for the rock to come out, Ends with rock vs roman ,roman pinning the rock, stands tall, boom ,he

Craig Millar


@_handyred_ Solo has transitioned from nxt to main roster amazingly. Solo and roman vs usos down the line would be amazing. Jay defo deserves a solo run aswell as sami.

@_handyred_ Oh geez, everyone in the WWE better watch their backs, you never know when a Samoan spike can take you out

Jey Uso has already announced that he’s “out” of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline

The dissension within The Bloodline seems to have started already, as Jey Uso walked out on his family after they attacked Sami Zayn. Main Event Jey has already experienced Roman Reigns’ manipulation during the feud between the two and could side with Zayn in the upcoming war.

Jey Uso commented on the situation in a post on Instagram. He wrote, “I’m out” alongside a blood drop emoji, which is The Bloodline’s symbol. He also posted a picture of himself walking away on Saturday night, including the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion’s reaction, with the message, “Run it back.”

Jey and Roman Reigns had a heated feud in 2020 before the formation of The Bloodline. The duo even collided inside Hell in a Cell for the WWE Universal Championship, where Reigns used Jimmy to make Jey quit. The Usos later joined forces with The Tribal Chief and acknowledged him. The group was further bolstered by the addition of Solo Sikoa at WWE Clash at the Castle.

What do you think will happen next in this ongoing saga? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts!

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