WWE veteran opens up about the lack of direction for Austin Theory on RAW (Exclusive)

Pro wrestling veteran Vince Russo has questioned WWE’s lack of direction for Austin Theory as the reigning United States Champion.

The RAW star has been involved in a lengthy feud with Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley over the United States Championship. He and The All Mighty collided at RAW XXX last week in the main event of the show, which Theory won after Brock Lesnar showed up and F5’d both superstars. On the red brand this week, he was a guest on MVP Lounge, which also included Lashley.

Speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo commented on Austin Theory’s RAW segment and wondered where the company is going with him.

“I don’t even know bro because if you noticed when Theory was backing away, he said to Lashley, ‘I’m through with you, I’m done with you!’ And I think that’s why they did this. I think they did this to give Bobby Lashley the last hurrah. Austin Theory chickened you-know-what out of the ring, but my question is like, where are you going with him? We talked about this last week, who is Austin Theory’s opponent? I’m telling you bro, they’re gonna put him in a program with Gargano,” said Russo. (48:08-49:06)

Austin Theory will defend his United States Championship inside the Elimination Chamber next month

There were three qualifying matches on RAW this week for the Elimination Chamber match. Seth Rollins defeated Gable, Johnny Gargano beat Baron Corbin, and Bronson Reed pinned Dolph Ziggler.

Vince Russo stated that Austin Theory could be involved in another program with Johnny Gargano coming out of the Chamber match.

“Bro who’s in the Elimination Chamber match so far? Rollins, right? We already know he’s got a match with Logan Paul so he’s out. Bronson Reed, it’s not gonna be him, plus he’s a heel. Who else won tonight? Out of the three so far, he’s in a program with Gargano. Next week it’s the Street Profits and Elias. We threw Elias out there, as horrible as that is, that’s a possibility,” said Russo. (49:16-49:50)

Theory is one of WWE RAW’s top heels, and it’ll be interesting to see him feud with a top babyface for the United States Championship.

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