WWE veteran praises Triple H’s booking of popular babyface (Exclusive)

Triple H has received widespread praise for the changes he has brought to the weekly WWE product. The Game was given more praise by wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell for how he has booked Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn’s addition to the Bloodline reinvigorated the story as fans enjoyed watching the Canadian star’s personality clash with the rest of the faction. The story reached its crescendo at Royal Rumble 2023 when the 38-year-old turned on the Bloodline and struck Roman Reigns in the back with a steel chair.

In the aftermath of that betrayal, a match between Zayn and the Tribal Chief was made official for the Elimination Chamber in Montreal. Speaking on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell praised how the Sami Zayn-Bloodline story has been stretched out over the last few months.

“They have done such a good job with Sami [Zayn]. 7 or 8 months and that is old-school timing. Just went on and on and on. We’ve been expecting this for 3 months, Sami turns and somebody helps him. Now he’s got people to help him. He’s got Cody to help him, he’s got Kevin Owens to help him. Now if you want to get some more baby faces over, have them help. That’s how you get guys over. You get guys over by putting them in hot angles because they get over by osmosis, just being in the group,” Dutch Mantell said. [From 37:18 to 38:15]

Sami Zayn received praise from WWE legend Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is one of the most decorated tag team stars in WWE history. Although he is in AEW right now, it didn’t stop him from praising Sami Zayn’s growth as a performer since getting involved with the Bloodline.

“It was a great start to the newest chapter. It’s been a great story. I love what they have done. I love Roman [Reigns] and the Usos and the Bloodline so much. Sami is such a good injection into it and he has played his part to perfection and he really has become a bigger star as time has gone on doing this. His reaction to finally flipping the switch and turning on Roman was fantastic,” Matt Hardy said. [From 6:05 to 6:37]

Sami Zayn will have a chance to dethrone Roman Reigns and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in his home country at Elimination Chamber 2023.

The premium live event is set to take place on Saturday, February 18, 2023, at the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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