Liv Morgan says son of 29-year-old female WWE Superstar doesn’t let her do anything

Liv Morgan says son of 29-year-old female WWE Superstar doesn’t let her do anything

Liv Morgan had a lot to say about Sarah Logan’s son Raymond Cash Rowe on the latest edition of Out Of Character.

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan (Sarah Rowe) are seemingly the best of friends in real life. The two stars grew close during their run with The Riott Squad on WWE TV. However, Logan was let go by WWE in 2020 and eventually made her return to the company in late 2022.

During her time away from WWE, Sarah Logan gave birth to a boy named Raymond Cash Rowe. Morgan recently spoke in detail about Logan’s child while talking with Ryan Satin on Out Of Character.

“It’s good to see Cash every week. He does not let me do anything. Okay, so he loves the crash pad, right? And so, when we are playing on the crash pad, he’s playing on the crash pad. And then when I’ll go to stand on it, he’ll grab my hand and walks me off of it. And he’s like, ‘NO!’ And then, last week, in the live events, we’re playing in the ring. And I barrel-rolled in the ring, and I rolled to his feet. And he, like, rolled me out. [Laughing] Like, he doesn’t want me involved in anything.”

Liv Morgan referenced Sarah Logan’s release during her feud with Becky Lynch

Not too long ago, Liv Morgan feuded with Becky Lynch on WWE RAW. At one point during the rivalry, Ruby Soho and Sarah Logan’s WWE releases were mentioned. Here’s what Morgan had to say about the same:

“Was it hard for me to say what I said? No because Becky has brought up my friends and my friends not being here. After that segment, I got a text from my friends saying how proud they were and how amazing they thought it was. I don’t think there is any hard feelings anywhere around. I know I’m addressing something that may feel like an elephant in the room or taboo, but these are things that are happening. I don’t think I said anything wrong.” [H/T Fightful]

Now that Liv Morgan and Logan are together again on the same brand, the two best friends must be having the time of their lives. Fans of Logan would love to see her featured in a more prominent role, though.

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