Former Bloodline member predicts when Roman Reigns’ title run will end

Sami Zayn has predicted that Roman Reigns Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run will end at Elimination Chamber.

Zayn shocked the world when he betrayed Roman Reigns at WWE Royal Rumble. However, it backfired as The Bloodline brutally beat him up.

The following week on SmackDown, Sami again attacked Reigns from behind. However, The Bloodline was there to stop him and take him out once more.

This week, Paul Heyman kicked off the show. The Wise Man started by stating that since he and Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, he didn’t offer predictions; he offered spoilers

“I made him what he is.”

Only 8 days until @WWERomanReigns and @SamiZayn collide at #WWEChamber. @HeymanHustle

He noted that the Island of Relevancy was under attack from Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. The crowd started to chant Sami’s name. To this, Heyman told them that Zayn wasn’t in the arena for the show.

He further stated that the championship match at WrestleMania is personal because Reigns’ titles weren’t just wrestling championships; they were the centerpiece of the Island of Relevancy. He then said that without those titles, there would be no Bloodline and no Roman Reigns.

Just then, Sami Zayn appeared behind Paul Heyman and asked to give him a mic. Zayn said that The Bloodline was crumbling little by little, and everyone, including Roman Reigns, knew it. He then predicted that Reigns’ title run would end in eight days at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Before he left the ring, Sami pulled Heyman close and told him that Roman shouldn’t be concerned about Cody Rhodes because he would take the titles from him.

“What do you think happens next?”

@SamiZayn is here on #SmackDown and he’s painting a grim picture for @HeymanHustle of #TheBloodline’s future.

It looks like Sami Zayn is focused on defeating the Tribal Chief at WWE Elimination. Only time will tell if Reigns’ title reign will be jeopardized.

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