Paul Heyman says Roman Reigns deserves an Emmy nomination; The Hurricane reacts

WWE manager Paul Heyman’s recent comment about Roman Reigns deserving an Emmy nomination received a response from WWE legend The Hurricane.

Reigns has been doing the best work of his WWE run for the past three years, ever since turning heel at SummerSlam 2020. Paul Heyman has been with The Tribal Chief all this while and has been a first-hand witness to his rise as a top heel on WWE TV.

The Special Counsel recently made a bold comment, stating that Roman Reigns deserves an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of The Tribal Chief on WWE TV. The comments have now received a reaction from WWE veteran The Hurricane, who wholeheartedly agreed with Heyman.

“Abso F’n Lutely!!! It’s way past time that all of Hollywood recognizes this industry more than they historically have. @HeymanHustle is spot on with this.”

Check out the tweet below:

How did fans react to The Hurricane’s tweet responding to Paul Heyman’s comment about Roman Reigns?

The WWE Universe has had nothing but praise for The Bloodline angle for a while now. Most of the reactions to The Hurricane’s tweet supported his statement, as can be seen below:

Regarding Roman Reigns deserving an Emmy nomination, Paul Heyman stated that The Tribal Chief approached a reality-based character well. He added that it was disconcerting that the performance has not been recognized.

“I will honestly state that I’ll put Roman Reigns and his portrayal of the Tribal Chief up against anybody right now in how he has approached a reality-based character of the top star of the industry. And the fact that he’s not recognized by the people that are there to reward such performances with an award, to me, is disconcerting.” [H/T Variety]

Reigns has not reacted to Heyman’s comments so far. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is currently preparing himself for a match against Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber on February 18.

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