[PHOTO] Goldberg had “horrible” hair according to former WCW wrestler

Former WCW and WWE wrestler Erik Watts recently reflected on Bill Goldberg’s transformation when he joined the wrestling business.

Goldberg debuted in WCW in 1997 after his football career ended. The 2018 WWE Hall of Famer shaved his head and grew a goatee when he broke into the wrestling business. Prior to that, he had dark hair.

In a recent WSI interview, Watts said Goldberg and fellow wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin both look better without hair:

“[Goldberg had] horrible hair, horrible. It looked just like Stone Cold’s. Remember Stone Cold’s when he was a Hollywood Blond? When he was a Hollywood Blond, he kinda looked like [Hulk] Hogan. Totally gone up here, long at the back. Goldberg’s was hideous.” [2:08 – 2:26]

HE HAD HAIR?! “@OldWrestlingPic: Bill Goldberg played a couple of seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.

Fans often compared Goldberg and Steve Austin in the late 1990s. The former world champions were two of the top stars in WCW and WWE, respectively, at the time.

Erik Watts on Goldberg’s pain threshold in WCW

It is well known that Goldberg is one of the most intense wrestlers of all time. He has even been known to headbutt lockers backstage before matches.

Erik Watts also spoke about his former co-worker’s ability to handle pain during his ring entrances:

“Goldberg hurt himself a lot of times, and for a while people were scared to take the spear because he would literally split his head open spearing people. Like when they did the sparkles out [during entrances], shooting the sparkles, he on purpose wanted a fog machine so he could blow out, and he said, ‘I want those sparkles to run on me and burn me before I go out there so I can be jacked up.'” [0:04 – 0:31]

Goldberg last competed in a match in February 2022 when he lost to Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber. It is currently unclear if he will wrestle again.

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