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Over the last decade, The Rock’s involvement in WWE has become increasingly sparse. Fans have been very eager to see the Great One back in action, but a return hasn’t transpired yet. Cody Rhodes recently commented on this, but took his words back in a recent interview.

A few weeks ago, The American Nightmare spoke about the Brahma Bull’s potential involvement at the Showcase of the Immortals. He claimed that the current storylines in WWE were good enough to not necessitate the involvement of the former world champion.

“With all the respect in the world to one of the GOATs The Rock, it looks like the options (for WrestleMania) we have here within the roster are even better because of the stories that are happening.”

However, while speaking to Sports Illustrated, the former AEW EVP stated that he would have to walk back on those words before showering praise on The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and other legends.

“I said the other day, and I said it in a pretty nice way, ‘all respect to the Rock, I like what we have.’ I’m going to walk that one back. WrestleMania is amazing. If Rock decides to come to WrestleMania, please. Simply because, we’re able to have WrestleMania becase of someone like The Rock, and Rock was able to have WrestleMania because of somebody like (Hulk) Hogan, and because of the Dustys [Dusty Rhodes], the Flairs [Ric Flair], the Pipers [Roddy Piper].”

He added:

“Our industry doesn’t just exist, the content is so important in keeping it healthy and keeping it going and respecting these long-time fans. I hope I didn’t talk out of turn because I absolutely adore The Rock and would love it if he was present in any setting.” (H/T Fightful)

Cody Rhodes thinks the WWE WrestleMania 39 card is unbelievable

Cody Rhodes says for his #WrestleMania 39 main event against Roman Reigns, he’s working on a weight belt that will showcase logo’s of every independent promotion he’s worked at. (Hot 97)

The Road to WrestleMania is shaping up nicely with a number of intriguing storylines in WWE. Cody Rhodes feels the upcoming event could be the best ever, even if The Rock doesn’t show up.

“His family is massively important to what we do and if Rock decides to show up to WrestleMania Hollywood, I would love that. I will say, if Rock doesn’t come to WrestleMania, we have an unbelievable card, if not the best ever, at the biggest ever in terms of the financials, the gates, two days in Hollywood. It’s a win-win,” he said.

Cody Rhodes won the 2023 Royal Rumble and will face the winner of Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn at WrestleMania for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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