Ric Flair gives his prediction for Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns’ Elimination Chamber match

Elimination Chamber 2023 will feature one of the most highly-anticipated matches in recent memory as Sami Zayn will look to dethrone Roman Reigns in a potentially all-time classic. During the latest episode of his podcast, Ric Flair backed The Tribal Chief to continue his mind-boggling world title reign.

Sami Zayn’s inclusion in The Bloodline has unexpectedly given WWE one of its most fantastic storylines ever. Several fans wouldn’t mind seeing the former Honorary Uce pull off a monumental upset as he’s legitimately emerged as a top babyface over the past year.

Cody Rhodes is the scheduled challenger for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania. However, many wonder whether Sami Zayn could do the unthinkable and displace Roman Reigns in the main event spot.

While Ric Flair appreciated Zayn’s rise to prominence, he didn’t foresee the former Intercontinental Champion defeating one of the most dominant world champions in wrestling history.

Here’s The Nature Boy sharing his prediction for the match on the latest episode of To Be The Man:

“Unfortunately, for Sami, The Tribal Chief. That would be my prediction, and I don’t see how.” [From 14:00 onwards]

Irrespective of the outcome at Elimination Chamber, Ric Flair was confident that the crowd in Montreal would make Zayn and Reigns’ match a special showdown.

Zayn might be amongst the hottest talents in WWE, but Flair still believes Rhodes vs. Reigns was the ideal world championship bout to book for WrestleMania 39.

He added:

“It will be a hot crowd. It won’t matter who wins, but I think that WrestleMania is Roman and Cody, not Sami and Cody.” [15:13 – 15:21}

Ric Flair reiterates how he’s had a change of heart regarding Sami Zayn’s gimmick

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Most fans would have never expected Sami Zayn to become a realistic candidate to possibly dethrone Roman Reigns back when he first got involved with the Samoan faction on TV.

The former NXT Champion showcased his incredible versatility throughout his run with The Bloodline and helped the company garner impressive viewership figures. Ric Flair, though, previously wasn’t a fan of Sami Zayn’s character as he hated his overly goofy persona.

Zayn’s performances eventually won Ric Flair over as the 16-time world champion admitted that he now understands the Canadian superstar’s gimmick.

“Well, first of all, because of the magnitude, I always, with Sami, I got him now, but I used to hate that gimmick,” noted the WWE Hall of Famer. “Now I love it. I have admitted to it.” [14:58 – 15:10]

Whose side will you be on at Elimination Chamber? The Tribal Chief or The Underdog from the Underground? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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