“A True Uso” – WWE Universe erupts as Paul Heyman attacks Kevin Owens to defend Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber 2023 is in the history books, but WWE fans can’t stop raving about a surprising moment after the main event involving Paul Heyman.

The show’s main event saw Roman Reigns successfully defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Sami Zayn in an intense match. However, a planned assist from Jimmy Uso and an accidental collision with Jey Uso allowed The Tribal Chief to stand tall.

Following the bout, Roman Reigns launched a brutal attack on Sami Zayn. This prompted Kevin Owens to walk out as he received a massive pop on his way to the ring.

KO took Jimmy out of the equation by first attacking him on the ramp and then putting him through the table. He then hit Reigns with a Stunner, which angered Paul Heyman.

Reigns’ Wiseman rushed inside the ring and started attacking Kevin Owens from behind. The former world champion slowly turned around with a steel chair in his hand as the crowd sang “you f*cked up” in unison.

Owens delivered a Stunner to Heyman, and the crowd erupted with cheers. The moment instantly took the internet by storm as WWE fans rushed online to celebrate a memorable Paul Heyman moment.

Many found it hilarious, while others praised Heyman for his attempts to ‘change sides’ when The Wiseman started pleading for mercy. He said he always wanted to work with Kevin Owens, not Roman Reigns, which added to the humor.

Here’s how WWE fans reacted to Paul Heyman attempting an attack on Kevin Owens at Elimination Chamber:

What happened after Elimination Chamber went off the air?

Although Kevin Owens helped Sami Zayn, the two real-life best friends did not interact on screen. KO stepped aside to let Zayn hit Roman Reigns with a Helluva Kick and then left the ring.

Zayn stayed back inside the squared circle as he watched Owens walk away. After the show went off the air, the challenger left the ring to go backstage but stopped midway. He returned to seemingly hug his wife, who was seated near the barricade.

It is worth noting that Jey Uso technically didn’t help Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, but he accidentally became a victim of a Spear from Sami Zayn.

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