WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: 5 Things we learned

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 is in the history books. Overall, it was a wonderful evening in Montreal with an electric crowd, emotional storytelling, and amazing in-ring action.

As Triple H stated, all the matches delivered. On that note, let’s look at 5 Things we learned at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.

#5 Cheap finishes are also booked under Triple H’s watch

When Vince McMahon had creative control, cheap, non-conclusive finishes were commonplace. Usually, these protected all involved or further a storyline quickly losing steam. The fans thought they were past this, but Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar III in Montreal proved otherwise.

This rubber match was supposed to mark the end of one of the most evenly-matched feuds we’ve seen in recent years. However, the encounter ended with a disqualification when Lesnar hit Lashley with a low blow to escape The Hurt Lock.

The Beast Incarnate went berserk after the finish, taking out everyone in sight, much to the crowd’s delight. However, Lesnar using a low blow was a questionable booking decision. Furthermore, the much-anticipated clash was kept noticeably short without a clean finish, indicating another future war in the future.

#4 Based on his booking at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023, Triple H has tremendous faith in Montez Ford

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 saw Montez Ford’s breakout night as a singles Superstar. Ford was exceptional in Montreal. He had the crowd hooked throughout the Men’s Chamber match.

The former RAW Tag Team Champion dove from the top of the chamber onto the entire field. A definitive Frog Splash “from the heavens” ended the dominant Bronson Reed’s US Title aspirations. A massive, breathtaking Blockbuster off Seth Rollins’ shoulders eliminated Reed. Ford was the crowd’s favorite because he scored two eliminations and put his body on the line.

The charismatic high-flyer seems primed for a massive singles push. He has enormous potential as an in-ring competitor, and the fans know his passion for what he does. If the Elimination Chamber was any indication, it is only a matter of time before Ford breaks away from Angelo Dawkins and shoots for the sky.

#3 WWE still seems a little hesitant to create new stars

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 was the perfect time to put the crown on Sami Zayn’s head and shake things up big time on the Road To WrestleMania. Zayn’s popularity surge has been incredible, and the crowd was desperate to see his crowning moment.

However, WWE stuck to the usual Bloodline formula to close out Elimination Chamber PLE with Roman Reigns retaining. Elsewhere on the card, Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor could have received a massive rub in Montreal, but Triple H thought otherwise.

The Grit Couple persevered over The Judgment Day’s Balor and Ripley. The Eradicator and The Prince may get their revenge quite soon, but a victory in Montreal would have been an excellent way to boost their stock, gain momentum, and generate enormous heat.

#2 Montreal crowds are amazing!

The WWE Universe is known for being loyal and passionate about professional wrestling. But Montreal’s excitement and energy levels at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 were through the roof.

The electric crowd was the true highlight of the show. Giving credit to the creative team where it’s due, although a few questionable booking decisions were made, Montreal’s loud reactions were unprecedented. The Bell Centre showered Roman Reigns and Dominik Mysterio, who never competed, with enormous heat and hurled abusive insults.

All the hometown heroes received incredible reactions. Sami Zayn’s entrance drew one of the loudest pops in recent memory. The Grit Couple also received tremendous ovations. The crowd was on its feet for the entire evening, especially the Men’s Chamber match and the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.

#1 WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 suggested that Triple H doesn’t see Sami Zayn as a main-eventer

We reiterated previously that WWE failed to make another mega-star in Montreal when Sami Zayn couldn’t dethrone The Tribal Chief despite all the support and drama.

This is consistent with reports that Hunter doesn’t see the popular SmackDown Superstar as “The Face of The Company” and a credible WrestleMania main-eventer. Last-minute predictions suggest that Zayn’s soaring popularity may have caused a change in plans for the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber 2023. Still, the former Honorary Uce remains unlikely to be booked in a significant singles match at ‘Mania.

His direction for The Show of Shows remains to be determined. He could be inserted into the main event, but WWE will likely stick to The Usos vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

What was your favorite moment from the Montreal PLE last night? Let us know in the comment section below.

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