It impacted my career” – Misha Montana claims her life ‘dramatically changed’ after dating WWE star Matt Riddle

Misha Montana recently revealed how her life changed after dating WWE Superstar Matt Riddle.

In 2011, The Original Bro tied the knot with Lisa Rennie. The couple had three children together before they divorced last year after Rennie accused her ex-husband of walking out on their family. Since then, Riddle has entered a few relationships. He is currently dating Misha Montana.

In an interview with Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Montana addressed the internet’s adverse reaction to her relationship with Riddle.

“I was just like shocked to watch it. I’m like, ‘what is going on?’ You know, and people don’t understand too like this is our life. I mean being just thrown across like every single headline and being dragged around the internet. And luckily, you know, I’ve always been thick-skinned for the most part. (…) But like, you know, it’s hard not to be upset by something, especially that’s so invasive,” she said. [31:17 – 32:03]

Riddle’s girlfriend also disclosed that the negative reactions to her romance with the WWE Superstar affected her career and changed her life.

“I’ve never experienced that level of like harrassment that was so like one constant and just like able to like to get into your life so deeply. Because they were able to like get numbers and, you know, addresses and things that it just like it reached a limit where it was just so vile and so toxic. It affected, it impacted my career. People in adult had opinions about it then therefore had opinions about me. Part of the reason why I’m not with XPW is because of this situation. It’s like it’s a lot. So, my life dramatically changed,” she added. [32:04 – 32:51]

Twitter reacted to Matt Riddle sharing a picture on Valentine’s Day with his “girl” and hinting at a WWE return. Check out the details here.

Matt Riddle is reportedly suspended from WWE

On the December 5, 2022, episode of Monday Night RAW, Riddle teamed up with Kevin Owens to challenge The Usos for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. However, The Original Bro and his partner lost the bout and failed to capture the titles.

After the match, Owens chased Sami Zayn and The Usos backstage with a chair. Meanwhile, Solo Sikoa brutally attacked Riddle inside the ring. Reports later suggested that The Original Bro got suspended for 60 after failing WWE’s wellness policy. He is yet to return to in-ring action.

Matt Riddle showed off a new look amid WWE suspension. Check out the photo here.

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