WATCH: 10 WWE monsters Vince McMahon forced on fans despite hating them

WWE is the land of monsters. Vince McMahon always loved having big men on his roster. Having a great height or physique is an advantage for a wrestler, as it lands them opportunities.

Just look at the Great Khali. Despite being somewhat underwhelming inside the ring, he went on to become the world heavyweight champion and defeat legends like The Undertaker.

However, he certainly did better than some of the monsters who Vince McMahon wanted to push in the promotion. Remember King Mabel? He was repackaged three times in the company, but failed to make an impact.

Similarly, there have been many monster wrestlers who Mr. McMahon wanted to push, but they failed. Click on the video below to check out the full list and subscribe to Sportskeeda Wrestling for similar content.

WWE monsters who Vince McMahon wanted to push

These are the wrestlers who Vince McMahon wanted to push

King Mabel

Adam Bomb

Gene Snitsky


Luther Reigns

Ezekiel Jackson

Mason Ryan


Nathan Jones

Giant Gonzalez

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