Goldberg; Former WWE wrestler – 5 Stars AEW can bring in to hand Hook his first loss

About a year ago, Sportskeeda published a list titled “5 AEW stars who can hand Hook his first loss”. Today, The Human Suplex Machine’s son still has not suffered a defeat in the promotion.

Although his momentum may have cooled off a bit, AEW is clearly investing a lot of time and energy into the upstart by delaying his eventual first defeat.

There are many directions the promotion can go in with this, whether it be giving the honor to a new talent to help elevate them in the promotion or tying El Diablo Guapo’s first loss to one of his previous or ongoing storylines. Here are five new ways Hook can be handed his first loss in AEW.

#5. Powerhouse Hobbs wants his revenge

Powerhouse Hobbs (left) and Hook (right)

Ever since Team Taz imploded, Powerhouse Will Hobbs has had an up-and-down time in AEW. At one stage, it looked like The Monster was being pushed to the moon. Now, he has kind of faded into the shadows of obscurity.

One way for Hobbs to get back on his upwards trajectory would be to throw him into a rivalry with his former teammate. He and Hook already have a lot of history, and adding the FTW title to the mix could make for some engaging television.

#4. John Morrison returns to AEW

“When John (Morrison) was thinking about going back (to WWE),

I was like, ‘Bro, go to AEW. You’ll be a huge star there.’

After being released by WWE, John Morrison made his All Elite Wrestling debut in the Owen Hart Cup Memorial Tournament as Johnny Elite. He was defeated by Samoa Joe. He then had two more appearances in the promotion — scoring a victory over Marc Quen on AEW Dark and losing an open challenge to Miro.


The Shaman of Sexy undoubtedly still holds a lot of star power and could be a great asset if used correctly. One way of doing that is by giving him a surprise win over the undefeated Hook. The two super-athletes could put on a great match, and both become bigger stars from it.

#3. Hook makes an unsuccessful bid for the TNT Championship

AEW be dropping new version of the TNT Championship like Jordan’s #AEWRampage

One complaint about Hook as of late is that his act is starting to feel stale. His badass persona still has the ability to captivate crowds, but his character lacks motivation. Vying for the TNT Championship seems like the next logical step in his story arc.

Having the 23-year-old prospect lose to the eventual winner between Samoa Joe and Wardlow, who will compete for the title at AEW Revolution 2022, would not only fulfill The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil’s need for motivation but also elevate the mid-card belt in the process.

#2. A very nice, very evil surprise

HOOKHausen could be in line for a push soon.

Hook-hausen was one of the most adored, albeit short-lived tag teams in AEW. Hook and Danhausen’s odd yet organic chemistry made for some quirky viewing experiences. A storyline in which the two stars clash would have fans torn and on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who will come out on top.

Having Danhausen sneak a surprise victory over his former partner would be a bold move if Tony Khan were to pull the trigger. But the entertainment value both parties could provide after the fact may just be worth it.

#1. Goldberg is All Elite

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg

Goldberg earned his legendary status in professional wrestling by running through his opponents without much fuss and going on an undefeated streak, the likes of which had never been seen before. In his prime, Da Man was feared by opponents, and fans would tune in just to see who he would batter next.

Hook is on a similar run in his career. So, who better to humble Taz’s son than the master of squash matches? Goldberg is a megastar in the industry, so if AEW is able to bring in Da Man, they would need to protect him and build him up as a viable threat to the World Title.

Goldberg becoming All Elite would be a major headline in itself, but having the WWE Hall of Famer claim El Diablo Guapo’s undefeated streak would be the cherry on top.

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