He’s got his back up against The Bloodline” – WWE fans react to Cody Rhodes teaming up with Roman Reigns’ former rivals

Backed by The Bloodline, Roman Reigns is at the height of his powers in WWE. While Cody Rhodes is set to take on The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania, he will be teaming up with the heel faction’s former rivals, The O.C., at an upcoming live event, and fans believe that the duo could provide backup to The American Nightmare at the Showcase of Immortals.

Rhodes recently revealed that he’ll be joining forces with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at a house show on March 4th in Syracuse, New York. While all three stars have been a part of the famous Bullet Club in Japan, they have never teamed up together in the past.

Gallows and Anderson have their fair share of history against Roman Reigns and The Usos. The duo played a vital role in AJ Styles’ feud against the Head of the Table and the two teams even competed in multiple six-man tag matches.

With Cody set to work with the RAW stars, many believe that Gallows and Anderson could take part in the American Nightmare’s upcoming war against The Bloodline.

Check out the fans’ responses to the announcement:

@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames //Sounds pretty sweet to me.

@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Bullet Club reunion!


Liliana S


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames

Eric Idol


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Cody aligned with Anderson and Gallows is money. I like this partnership.


Adam Hennessey


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames




@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Oh man That’s TOO SWEEEEEET and that’s for for for 4-LIFE


FightRomeoFight ?


@RuizModeFitness @CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Cody/Good Brothers vs The Bloodline on an episode of Raw or Smackdown before Mania would be 


Beyond The Script Podcast


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Oh that’s interesting.



Mega2211 | Shiny CupKicks Appreciator


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames



Jamie (BobBob) Mills


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames This will be incredible. Some back up against the bloodline whilst AJ is injured.




@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames OC and Cody



❄️Santa Madds❄️


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames Bullet Club reunion, baby!


Holly Marple


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames That’s gonna be awesome!

sami zayn szn #2k23


@CodyRhodes @WWE @WWEShop @The_BigLG @MachineGunKA @BrianRDJames He’s got his backup against The Bloodline

Cody Rhodes talked about his game plan against Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 39

Cody Rhodes is set to compete in the biggest match of his career as he takes on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. The Tribal Chief has not been pinned in over three years and is currently on one of the most dominant title runs in WWE history.

During a recent interview, Cody Rhodes opened up about how he could possibly usurp the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion:

“I think one of the sobering things about Roman Reigns is sometimes real life happens, right? You see it in sports all the time, sometimes the better story is defeated by the better competitor, and I think I have to come into this not sweating the individual that is Roman Reigns, the God-tier superstar. I think I have to come into this and I can’t just ride the emotions of Dusty’s son, the title he never got. I can’t ride those emotions, I have to just be the literal best, bell to bell. I just have to come in with more gas in the tank. I have to come in as discipline as possible. I just don’t want to be a casual of that.”

Cody Rhodes is yet to come face-to-face with Reigns since returning to WWE last year. He has had a couple of interactions with Paul Heyman and the feud has already taken a personal turn.

Find out who Eric Bischoff chose as his heels of the year ahead of Roman Reigns & MJF here.

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