Recently returned top star seeking revenge, top prospect of The Bloodline – 5 return matches for Bill Goldberg at the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg is one of the most dominant and impressive pro wrestlers of all time. Before he even steps foot in the ring, the big man captivates crowds with his entrance. Da Man comes across as a true fire-breathing dragon as he snorts in the pyro and exhales smoke.

Goldberg first rose to greatness in pro wrestling in World Championship Wrestling. He had an iconic undefeated streak that remains embedded in the minds of fans all around the world. He also captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan.

The legendary star joined WWE in 2003 and remained with the company for a year. He later returned in 2016. Goldberg is a multi-time world champion who has headlined numerous events for the company. He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

Despite being in his mid-fifties, Goldberg wrestles for the sports entertainment giant on a semi-regular basis. Many fans expect him to appear at a few big shows in 2023, potentially including the Royal Rumble. If he does return to the company at the big event, who could he fight? Which opponents make the most sense?

Below are five return matches for Bill Goldberg at the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble.

#5. He could take another crack at Roman Reigns

@WWERomanReigns retains the #UniversalTitle against @Goldberg at #WWEChamber

Roman Reigns is the biggest star in pro wrestling today. He is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, having defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 to unify the titles. Roman has been the Universal Champion since 2020.

Da Man’s last match in WWE came against The Tribal Chief. Goldberg challenged him for the Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber but ultimately came up short, losing by referee’s decision in about six minutes.

The two powerhouses could clash one more time in 2023. Roman Reigns has obliterated many of the top stars in WWE, so finding a new opponent for him that is a credible, main event-level threat isn’t easy. Goldberg fits that role and could seek revenge for his loss.

#4. Solo Sikoa could step up for The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa is the enforcer of The Bloodline. The youngest brother of The Usos debuted on NXT 2.0 and ultimately won the North American Championship. He’s currently a dominant force on Friday Night SmackDown, although he also appears on RAW from time to time.

As noted, Goldberg battled Roman Reigns in 2022. He’s also fought other members of the famous family, including both Rosey and The Rock. Aside from his loss to Roman, he’s been primarily successful in his bouts with The Bloodline.

As the enforcer of The Bloodline, Solo would undoubtedly see Goldberg as a threat. The Street Champion may decide to step up to the Hall of Famer to prevent Goldberg from even potentially challenging Roman Reigns to a title match. Can Solo handle a powerhouse like Goldberg? Fans will be intrigued to find out.

#3. Austin Theory is the top champion on RAW

Austin Theory no longer wants to be referred to as the future of WWE. The reigning United States Champion calls himself The Now, and he’s proving that nickname to be more and more accurate each week. His new serious demeanor has set him on a trajectory towards greatness.

Theory hasn’t really interacted with Goldberg yet. The two are several generations apart in terms of their pro wrestling primes and due to Da Man’s limited schedule, they’ve yet to interact on television.

A match between the two at the 2023 Royal Rumble doesn’t seem farfetched. Theory has been battling the likes of Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins, so he doesn’t fear high-level competition. Austin has also made it clear that he wants to fight John Cena. If he can’t get his hands on Big Match John, Goldberg would make for a great substitute.

#2. Bray Wyatt could get his revenge on Goldberg following his WWE return

Bray Wyatt is one of the creepiest yet most entertaining stars in pro wrestling. He is a former WWE & Universal Champion who was shockingly released by the company in 2021. He returned to the sports entertainment giant at Extreme Rules 2022, not long after Triple H rose to power.

One of the most controversial matches in modern history took place on February 27th, 2020. At Super ShowDown 2020, The Fiend battled Goldberg in a bout many expected would go in Bray Wyatt’s favor, but Da Man shockingly won and left with the Universal Championship.

Fans rebelled against the decision and many still feel resentment after nearly three years. If Bray harbors ill will, he may want to redeem his loss by battling Goldberg one more time. The Royal Rumble could be a great place for the bout to happen.

#1. Gunther may be unstoppably

Gunther is one of the most dominant and commanding figures in WWE today. He is the longest-reigning NXT United Kingdom Champion of all time, and he’s the current reigning Intercontinental Champion. The Austrian has dominated everybody in his path.

The Ring General and Da Man don’t have any history together, but it isn’t difficult to see the similarities between them. While their in-ring styles are different, both are hulking bruisers who had incredible win streaks. Gunther’s United Kingdom Championship reign is unmatched, just as Goldberg’s streak will go down in history as the most impressive of all time.

Goldberg never captured the Intercontinental Championship in his career. If he wants to test himself against today’s dominant star, Gunther may be the perfect opponent. Could the WWE Hall of Famer win a title he never got to hold previously at the Royal Rumble? Only time will tell if the match will take place.

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