WWE Hall of Famer claims WWE was hesitant to offer Goldberg a part-time contract

Goldberg has been portrayed as a dominant force in WWE and has appeared in a limited number of matches since his return in 2016. However, it appears that WWE was hesitant to offer the former Universal Champion a part-time contract in general.

Goldberg was out of the ring for 12 years when he made a surprise return to WWE at Survivor Series 2016 to face Brock Lesnar. Since then, the former Universal Champion has wrestled in a very limited number of matches and has only worked on a part-time basis. Since his return, the Hall of Famer has had the opportunity to become the WWE Universal Champion on two separate occasions, defeating Kevin Owens and The Fiend to do so, which was not a fair move by WWE to give the championship to a part-timer.

Prior to that, the former WCW Heavyweight Champion made a spectacular debut in 2003 when he annihilated The Rock. He would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but his reign was forgettable. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed the former champion’s WWE career thus far on Grilling JR. JR revealed that the company was initially hesitant to offer the former Universal Champion a part-time position.

“Vince was reluctant to break from the mold, shall we say. I had a good argument as regarding the dates because I was working with Barry Bloom the agent.. He couldn’t deny he couldn’t disagree with my concept. You know the object is to get Goldberg over to get him over he has to have consistent television exposure. Does that mean every week? Does that mean two segments a week? Is it every other week? I don’t know the exact answer and neither does he or anybody else because it’s a matter of what’s going to click, but every contract that I remember negotiating had that dialogue in it.” Said JR. (H/T Ringsidenews.com)

The WWE Hall of Famer has expressed interest in wrestling more matches, and only time will tell who will be the WWE Hall of Famer’s next opponent and whether it will take place in WWE or elsewhere.

Goldberg’s last match in WWE was against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber

Goldberg’s last WWE match was against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship on January 19, 2022, at Elimination Chamber 2022. The match took place in Saudi Arabia, and it was Goldberg’s final match under his WWE contract, which he signed in 2016.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s last match, however, ended in defeat for the former WCW Champion. Roman Reigns defeated him in a decent match that lasted just over six minutes. The 55-year-old star did mount some offence on Reigns before being felled by two spears and eventually forced to pass out by Reigns’ Guillotine Chokehold.

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