Everyone in that storyline should get it” – WWE Hall of Famer wants The Bloodline to win several Emmy awards (Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recently stated that everyone involved in the Bloodline storyline should be presented with an Emmy Award.

A few days back, Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman made news when he said his client must win an Emmy for his performance at Royal Rumble 2023. At the event, The Bloodline imploded after Sami Zayn attacked The Tribal Chief, following which the rest of the stable, except Jey Uso, took down Zayn.

Speaking to Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, D-Von Dudley went one step ahead and said everyone involved in the Bloodline should win Emmys. He particularly mentioned that after Roman Reigns, Jey Uso should be awarded.

Dudley also recalled working with The Usos when they feuded with The New Day in 2017-2018, arguably the best tag team rivalry in WWE history. He disclosed that he was the producer of most of Jey and Jimmy Uso’s matches back then.

“I say everyone in that storyline should get it, including right after Roman; it’s gotta be Jey Uso. I mean, the stuff Usos are right now doing is tremendous, and I remember being a producer with WWE; I was like the main producer at the time with The Usos and The New Day. So the majority of the matches The Usos had, I was basically the producer,” said D-Von Dudley.

The WWE veteran also recalled how he always advocated for The Usos to get more time on the mic during production meetings. D-Von Dudley mentioned that he always knew the duo could shine if given enough mic time.

“And I remember several times speaking up in the production meetings for The Usos to get them to be able to have the microphone and really talk and take it to the next level. We all knew what they could do in the ring but now what they are doing on the mic is tremendous. So to have that element of The Usos and The Head of the Table, Roman Reigns, of course with Sami and Paul Heyman, you can’t lose,” added D-Von Dudley. (2:42 – 3:40)

The Usos called up D-Von Dudley before using the 3D move at WWE Day 1

In the same conversation, D-Von Dudley recalled how The Usos called him up before using his and Bubba Ray’s legendary move, 3D, at WWE Day 1 2022 in a match against The New Day. The wrestling legend added that Jimmy and Jey Uso wanted to ensure the maneuver was executed perfectly.

“I’m very, very honored that The Usos could use the 3-D finish, and they even called me to ask if it was okay. ‘How do we make it look like you and Bubba?’ I think they are blowing it out of the water,” said D-Von Dudley.

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The Usos are rumored to defend their Undisputed Tag Team Championship against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39.

Fans can check out the official website of D-Von Academy here, a wrestling school in Central Florida run by pro wrestling legend D-Von Dudley.

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