Heath Slater seemingly reveals how Roman Reigns’ alleged heat with ex-WWE star began

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater recently shed light on a long-standing rumor about Roman Reigns’ real-life issue with Enzo Amore.

It has been speculated for many years that Reigns kicked Amore off a WWE tour bus following an altercation. In January 2023, the former Cruiserweight Champion confirmed that he was once told to change buses after punching an unnamed superstar in the face.

In an interview with WSI’s James Romero, Slater seemingly disclosed that Curtis Axel (real name Joe Hennig) was the superstar in question:

“I did see Enzo and Curtis Axel get into a little scuff on the bus. Enzo was blaring music. There was too many speakers going on, and I remember Hennig, man – when Hennig gets in a mood, he gets in a mood – and I remember him grabbing the speaker and tossing it up through the aisle. Then Enzo got mad and Joe literally was like, ‘I shouldn’t have done that. I’m gonna tell him I’m sorry.'” [11:57 – 12:24]

In 2021, veteran referee Mike Chioda said Roman Reigns also told Enzo Amore that he was not allowed to change in the locker room. Reigns apparently felt that Big Cass’ former tag team partner “disrespected the business.”

What happened before Roman Reigns allegedly got involved?

According to Heath Slater, Enzo Amore expected Curtis Axel to attack him moments after the speaker incident.

Axel tried to resolve the issue before Amore aimed a punch at his former WWE co-worker.

“Joe goes up there to apologize, and I think Enzo thought he was gonna fight,” Slater added. “Next thing you know, I think Enzo swung, then Joe swung, and they’re all in the chair fighting. We all had to pull them off. It happens, though, little scuffles do happen.” [12:24 – 12:39]

Amore was let go by WWE in 2018 amid sexual assault allegations. The investigation was later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Axel, the son of Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect, was released by WWE in 2020. He returned in 2022 as a backstage producer.

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