“I wanna be part of The Bloodline” – Former champion doesn’t rule out joining Roman Reigns’ WWE faction

WWE Superstar Tamina recently expressed her desire to join The Bloodline faction.

In 2010, Tamina made her main roster debut in the Stamford-based company. She has since been an active competitor on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown. The 45-year-old is a former Women’s Tag Team Champion and nine-time 24/7 Champion.

Being the cousin of The Usos and Roman Reigns, rumors have linked Tamina to joining The Bloodline over the past two years. The former Women’s Tag Team Champion recently addressed the possibility of her joining the popular faction in an interview with TMZ Sports.

“I feel like everybody wants to be part of The Bloodline. So, I’d be stupid if I was like, ‘no, I don’t wanna be Blood…’ Yeah, I wanna be part of The Bloodline [laughs]. It’s like yeah of course everybody says but again you don’t ever know. You know how it is. WWE will hit you with a surprise from the side of the face, you don’t even know where that’s coming from.”

Meanwhile, Tamina stated that she was proud of The Bloodline, pointing out that all group members are thriving in the storyline.

“I’m proud of that Bloodline, and then you go and see everything like with Solo [Sikoa], this boy is doing his own thing. They are all thriving bro in that way. Because, they are finding each of who they are, each person is thriving in that way. They each have something to prove, that’s what’s funny about it. With this Bloodline, you had Sami Zayn come in. That’s a whole other thing. You got Sami Uso in there, so you had a whole thing, it’s a family bond. But man, the battles, it’s that what’s gonna come next? What’s gonna come next with this Bloodline? You never know because they’re gonna hit you with something new every time.” [5:46 – 6:54]

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Sami Zayn is currently feuding with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

After spending nearly nine months as a member of The Bloodline, Sami Zayn turned on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble premium live event. The former Honorary Uce later challenged The Tribal Chief to an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match.

Last week, Zayn squared off against Reigns in a title match at Elimination Chamber in his hometown of Montreal. However, he failed to defeat The Tribal Chief after iHinterference from The Bloodline.

Sami Zayn broke character to address the future of his WWE storyline with The Bloodline. Check out his comments here.

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