I wanted to rip the guy’s face off” – When Goldberg desired to ‘really kill’ former WWE titleholder

In 1998, WWE was engaged in the Monday Night Wars with WCW. While Goldberg was one of the biggest stars in Ted Turner’s promotion, the Stamford-based company gave Duane Gill the gimmick of Gillberg. The Gillberg gimmick was a parody of WCW’s Goldberg.

While many fans enjoyed the Gillberg character, Goldberg initially did not. The former Universal Champion revealed on the Ruthless Aggression show that he hated the gimmick and “wanted to kill” Gillberg.

“I hated the Gillberg thing in the beginning. I just absolutely hated it. I wanted to rip the guy’s face off. I wanted to really kill him. But that means it worked,” he said.

Gillberg spent a few years as a regular competitor in the Stamford-based promotion, during which he became the longest-reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in the company’s history. Although he left the company nearly 23 years ago, Gillberg has made several sporadic appearances. He last competed in a WWE ring in 2007 when he participated in a Battle Royal on the 15th anniversary of Monday Night RAW.

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Goldberg had a successful career in WWE

Nearly two years after WCW went out of business, Goldberg joined WWE. He spent about a year as an active competitor in the Stamford-based company, during which he won the World Heavyweight Championship, before leaving in 2004.

After nearly 12 years of absence, Goldberg returned to Vince McMahon’s promotion. He has since won the Universal Championship twice. He also entered the Hall of Fame in 2018.

The 56-year-old had not competed since February 2022, when he challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship Elimination Chamber in a losing effort.
On This Day.
@Goldberg Won 2X WWE Universal Champion Beat The Fiend Bray Wyatt #WWESSD 3 Years Ago Today. On February 27 2020.

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