Potential retirement, unanimous decision – 4 signs that Jey Uso could replace Roman Reigns as head of The Bloodline

Roman Reigns makes his return to WWE SmackDown this week as he looks to sort out the issues brewing within his family. The cracks in The Bloodline stem from The Royal Rumble last month and have only gotten worse since the family has avoided confronting Jey Uso and forcing him to make a choice.

There are rumors that The Bloodline are on the rocks and may not come out of WrestleMania as a unit, while several fans are calling for Jey Uso to replace Roman Reigns as The Tribal Chief.

The following list looks at just four signs as to why Jey Uso would be the perfect replacement for Reigns.

#4. The fans are behind Jey Uso

Heading into WrestleMania, there are rumors that Jey will patch things up with his brother and go on to wrestle Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. That being said, it would be a much more entertaining storyline to continue to push this crack in the family and allow Jey to get the idea that he could overtake Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso was the first man to pin Roman Reigns in WWE and was the reason The Bloodline came together since he was the first family member to acknowledge him. He deserves to be pushed into a decent spot in the company after pushing his family forward for the past three years.

#3. Jey Uso can be there on a full-time basis

Roman Reigns has been working a part-time schedule in WWE for a few years now, this makes him a spectacle when he does appear, and he helps sell tickets for his rare live event matches as well.

That being said, The Bloodline has feuds and rivals that need to be worked on every week, Jey Uso is a full-time wrestler, and he could be there to keep his family in check when he’s needed, which is something that Reigns can’t.

Reigns was once seen as just a member of a stable, and he’s since been pushed to this level, and Jey Uso could do the same. He proved this when he was “main event Jey Uso.”

#2. Roman Reigns no longer has control of his family

Roman Reigns has been showing signs that he no longer has any control over his family for weeks, the stress has Reigns going gray, and it’s clear that his head is elsewhere. Reigns has gained everything from The Bloodline and has been unpinned for three years because of their interference in matches.

At some point, Reigns will be defeated, and it will no longer be as clean-cut when it comes to his motivations as the leader of the group. Jey Uso could be the first to point out that Reigns isn’t thinking about what’s best for his family anymore, and the rest could follow his lead.

#1. Reigns has already opened up about wanting to retire

Roman Reigns isn’t as young as he once was, he’s had so much success in WWE over the past few years that he is already thinking about retirement. His family and his health are the main reasons he would be thinking about retirement at a younger age, and when he does walk away, someone needs to take his place.

As noted above, The Bloodline has Jey Uso to thank for much of their success, and he would be the perfect person to lead them forward.

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