Soon-to-be free agents that could ignite a bidding war between WWE and AEW

WWE and AEW are no strangers to fighting it out to claim some of the top wrestlers in the world. With two major promotions in America, talents can weigh the two companies against each other to find the deal that works out best for them.

It’s one thing for the promotions to bolster their rosters, but it’s even sweeter prying big names away from their direct competition. Some big stars’ contracts are expiring soon and a bidding war is all but imminent.

Here are five soon-to-be free agents WWE and AEW could be desperate to sign.

#5. FTR could make a huge return to WWE

FTR is undoubtedly one of the best tag teams in the world. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have stepped up their game to another level since signing with AEW in May 2020.

In their time away from WWE, they have held the AEW, IWGP, AAA, and Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships.

However, they seem to have fallen out of favor with Tony Khan as they are being used less regularly in AEW programming. Considering the exceptional way Triple H portrayed the team during their time in NXT (as The Revival), Dax and Cash could fancy a move back to WWE when their contracts expire later this year.

#4. Jay White has left Japan and wants to test American soil

“The Catalyst” Jay White has solidified his place as one of the best wrestlers in the world. His athletic in-ring style and ever-entertaining personality saw him become an IWGP World Heavyweight Champion during his time in Japan.

However, since losing a “Loser Leaves Japan” match to his former Bullet Club stablemate Hikuleo, Switchblade is expected to sign with one of the top American promotions when his contract imminently expires.

#3. Alexa Bliss can try a new path

AEW’s women’s division has come under fire for not producing enough enticing storylines to shine a spotlight on female wrestlers. Despite pulling in some top talents like Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho in recent years, the division still lacks that special “something.”

Alexa Bliss’ WWE contract is set to expire sometime in 2023. Tony Khan could be hungry to bring in the former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion to add a spark to his women’s roster. But, best believe WWE will most definitely want to hold on to their Five Feet of Fury.

#2. Is Rey Mysterio’s time in WWE over?

WWE did Rey Mysterio SO dirty in 2011. They literally gave him ONE title reign for an HOUR

Rey Mysterio’s contract runs out in September. At 48 years old, the King of Lucha Libre still operates like a man in his 20s. Any promotion in the world could benefit from having a veteran talent like Mysterio on their roster.

During his spell in the indies from 2015 to 2018, Mysterio worked with several current AEW talents. He was even part of the All In main event. Meanwhile, Mysterio’s son Dominick has joined his father in WWE and could be a factor in the Master of the 619’s decision.

Regardless, one can imagine both Tony Khan and Triple H will be looking to pull out all the stops to sign the legendary luchador.

#1. Goldberg has a decision to make

Hall of Famer Goldberg

Despite becoming such a divisive figure in recent years, Goldberg still has a star power that most wrestlers can only dream of attaining. For this reason, both companies could look to sign Da Man, if not only to keep him off the other promotion’s product.

Working on a part-time basis, Goldberg works best as a special attraction in short, punchy matches. As a result, he draws in big numbers. The curveball in this, however, is that the 56-year-old could simply be done with wrestling for good.

The legend has contemplated retirement for some time now and at this point, the Hall of Famer has earned it. Don’t expect that to stop the top promotions from trying to acquire his signature though.

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