What a frickin clown” – WWE Universe debates Goldberg’s claims that Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance was ‘horrible’

The WWE Universe recently reacted to Goldberg’s comment on Barbadian singer Rihanna’s performance at Super Bowl LVII.

The Barbadian singer recently gave one of her iconic performances during the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LVII match. Following her performance, WWE legend Goldberg shared his opinion, saying that the singer’s performance was terrible.

Wrestling fans took a dig at the former Universal Champion for disrespecting Rihanna, saying that the Barbadian singer was better than the WWE legend. While most fans backed Rihanna, some agreed with the WWE Hall of Famer.

Here are a few interesting fan reactions below:

@reigns_era He spits and blows his nose all over the damn place but we act happy to see him when he shows up. What’s his point?

@reigns_era Could say the same thing when any celebrity gives their opinion on anything..

Erik Watts recalled that Goldberg didn’t want to get into wrestling initially

Former WCW star Erik Watts recently recalled that Goldberg didn’t want to get into ‘fake’ wrestling.

While speaking in an interview with WSI, Erik remembered having a conversation with the WWE Hall of Famer regarding his career choices. The WWE legend admitted that ‘fake’ wrestling was not his cup of tea.

Watts further added that the WWE legend said he wanted to train for the UFC but ended up getting into WWE.

He detailed:

“I said, ‘What do you think about pro wrestling?’ He said, ‘Erik, I love you and I love your dad, he’s a legend. There’s no way I’m gonna do that fake bulls**t.’ I go, ‘Excuse me?’ He goes, ‘Oh, no, no, no, what I’m saying is, with all due respect, Erik.’ I go, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘I think I wanna train for the UFC.’ I said, ‘Bill, you’re never gonna be in the UFC or nothing like this. You’ve gotta be doing that since you were a kid.'”

It would be interesting to see if the WWE Hall of Famer returns to the ring for a match in the near future or not.

Do you think the WWE legend will return to the ring soon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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