Goldberg actually thinks WWE owes him a retirement match

Bill Goldberg hasn’t wrestled a match since he lost against Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, more than one year ago. Since then, he has revealed that there are no matches left on his WWE contract.

Despite that being the case, the 56-year-old former world champion says WWE owes him one more match. Here is what he told Sports Illustrated about his future plans in wrestling:

“You never say never, especially in wrestling, and they owe me one. That’s all I can say. I made a deal with the devil and I did my job, and they owe me a retirement match. At the end of the day, at 56, it’s not something where I’m sitting by the phone waiting for a call. I’ve got a few ideas of how to do it on my own, possibly in Israel. So never say never.”

Sure, every wrestler would love to go out with a proper retirement angle and match, but it doesn’t pan out that way for most of them. Goldberg explains his sense of entitlement by saying that he made a deal with the devil and did his job. Unless that deal involved a guaranteed retirement match, or WWE shafted him on pay, it’s not clear to me how WWE is in his debt.

Considering that Triple H has not made it a priority to bring Goldberg back ever since he took over WWE creative last July, the best way for Goldberg to get his wish might just be if Saudi Arabia purchases WWE for nine billion dollars, and/or Vince McMahon regains control of WWE creative.

If Goldberg does come back for a retirement angle, who do you want to see him have one last disgusting match with? The answer has to be Bret Hart, right?

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