Goldberg Says WWE Owes Him A Retirement Match After ‘Deal With The Devil’

  1. There’s no doubt that Bill Goldberg, who became a multi-time world champion in WCW and WWE, has had one hell of a career. But the days of Goldberg continuing to wrestle, even in limited appearances, are growing shorter, and the former face of WCW appears cognizant of that. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Goldberg revealed that he was strongly considering having a retirement match, and pointed out that it didn’t necessarily need to occur in WWE. However, the Hall of Famer would prefer his final bout take place in WWE, while also feeling that the company is somewhat obligated to give him what he wants.


“You never say never, especially in wrestling, and they owe me one,” Goldberg said. “That’s all I can say. I made a deal with the devil and I did my job, and they owe me a retirement match. At the end of the day, at 56, it’s not something where I’m sitting by the phone waiting for a call. I’ve got a few ideas of how to do it on my own, possibly in Israel. So never say never.”

Goldberg didn’t specify what exactly his “deal with the devil” was regarding WWE, though some will speculate it has to do with his most recent match for the promotion in 2022. At the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia, Goldberg was defeated by WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. His contract with WWE, according to Goldberg himself, was set to expire at the end of 2022, with no news regarding an extension.

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