Goldberg crashes main event; Released WWE Superstar interferes – 5 Surprise debuts that can realistically happen at AEW Revolution

AEW’s first annual pay-per-view of 2023, Revolution, is set to take place this weekend at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. The event will be headlined by MJF and Bryan Danielson for the AEW World Championship in a 60-min Iron Man match.

While many stars have debuted at AEW in the past year, Revolution is the biggest stage to introduce a new wrestler. All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan will surely have a few surprises as he strives to put on the best show possible.

With several recently released WWE Superstars currently on the free agency market as well as wrestlers’ contracts expiring in rival companies, can we see them defect to AEW?

On this list, we go over five possible surprises that fans could realistically happen at Revolution.

#5. Lana debuts in AEW alongside a returning Miro

“I’d love to do something with AEW. If the story is right, I’d love to do something with Miro or maybe with other people.

But I want to tell compelling stories, so if it is right I would absolutely love it.”

– Lana / CJ Perry
(via The Man Cave Chronicles)

CJ Perry, formerly known as WWE’s Lana, has admitted that she would love to return to pro wrestling, given the right storyline.

Since her release in June 2021, CJ Perry has not been featured in any other promotion. Instead, Perry decided to focus on acting and modeling.

Yet, considering her marriage to current AEW star Miro, there is always a chance that she will make a comeback in the sport.

As her husband engaged in a feud with House of Black, which included a female member Julia Hart, rumors began to circulate that Perry would be making her AEW debut. Although that didn’t end up occurring, there is still a chance to make her company debut in the future.

While speaking on The Man Cave Chronicles, Perry discussed how she loves storytelling and wrestling fans in general:

“So I’d love to do something with AEW. If the story is right, I’d love to do something with Miro or maybe with other people. But I want to tell compelling stories, so if it is right I would absolutely love it,” said CJ Perry. [H/T: The Man Cave Chronicles]

With Revolution right around the corner, could we see The Redeemer return to the big stage again of All Elite Wrestling, with his wife and manager in tow this time around?

#4. Eric Young takes over the Dark Order as their new leader

Eric Young: There Were Many Missed Opportunities With AEW/IMPACT Collaboration

Eric Young is currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Since being released from WWE a few years ago, the veteran has reinvented himself in his former home promotion, creating the faction Violent by Design.

When talk of a “Forbidden Door” in wrestling began, it led to a partnership between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling that was not entirely successful in some respects, and Eric Young gave his thoughts at the time.

Although the partnership opened up good opportunities for some wrestlers like The Good Brothers, Christian Cage, and Omega, Young wasn’t involved and told The Angle Podcast that he feels certain elements could have been improved:

“I do not think it worked out as well as people hoped it would. I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities that could have gone either way,” he admitted. “But I mean, the reality is that for a wrestler and definitely for a wrestling fan, there are not as many rules as there used to be, which is super cool, right?” [H/T Fightful]

Eric Young recently recruited former Dark Order member Alan Angels to his faction. But could we see a role reversal this weekend at Revolution? With Hangman Page and Jon Moxley set to battle in a Texas Death Match, the Dark Order will certainly be at ringside.

Imagine a scenario where Young takes over the long-suffering faction and becomes their new leader. It will breathe new life into the group and let Hangman break free from that association.

#3. Mandy Rose joins AEW as a backup for Saraya

Renee mentioned the idea of reuniting Mandy Rose & Saraya in AEW and she agreed that it would be nice. She mentioned her past pairing with Dustin Rhodes as well,but when it comes to wrestling again,it’s not something she’s ruled out, but it’s not her primary focus.
– The Sessions

When asked if she would be open to joining AEW, Mandy Rose had a somewhat surprising response.

While she noted it wouldn’t be her priority to sign up again and wrestle full-time, former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose didn’t rule out returning to the squared circle. When asked if that included possibly joining AEW, she responded, “definitely for the future, maybe.”

Speaking with Renee Paquette on The Sessions show, Rose was asked about her potential interest in making the move to AEW, and here’s what she had to say:

“I haven’t ruled it out for sure, it’s not like the boots are hung up and stuff. It’s just right now, it’s not my main focus, but definitely for the future, maybe.”

Rose now has that option after being released by WWE following a 413-day reign as NXT women’s champion. One night she lost the title, and the next, she was fired. It was said to be because of the content on her FanTime page, something Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported fell “outside of the parameters” of her contract.

When it comes to allowing their stars to post on third-party sites, Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling are more tolerant. Mandy Rose’s FanTime page shouldn’t prevent Khan from signing her. Hence, AEW would be a better fit if they were interested in her.

Rose could interfere during the three-way match between Jamie Hayter, Saraya, and Ruby Soho for the AEW Women’s Championship. Lest we forget, Rose debuted on the WWE main roster under the Anti Diva’s guidance as part of Absolution.

#2. Goldberg crashes the AEW World Championship match

Goldberg shares details on his retirement plans and how he would like to end his illustrious career.
#WWE #Goldberg

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg recently came out and said that the Stamford-based company owes him a farewell match at the end of his career. According to a new report, the former World Heavyweight Champion is still under contract with the company.

In 2016, Goldberg returned to WWE for his second career and defeated Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes at Survivor Series. He later began a feud with The Beast Incarnate that ended at WrestleMania 33, where Da Man lost his Universal Championship to Lesnar.

A new report from WON states that the 56-year-old superstar is still contracted to WWE. Following his recent lucrative deal, the former World Heavyweight Champion has no matches left on his contract. He also revealed that his last bout could take place in Israel if not in WWE.

The report also states that Goldberg cannot wrestle for any promotions until his deal with the company expires. Currently, there is no word from either party on when or whom Da Man will face in his final farewell match for the company.

Then again, the WCW legend could be negotiating a contract with Tony Khan to appear at Revolution this weekend at the conclusion of the Iron Man match.

While he can’t technically wrestle yet for another company, it would be interesting to see if Goldberg could make a cameo appearance as a way to gain leverage over his WWE contract negotiations.

#1. Mercedes Mone comes face to face with Britt Baker

“I think the world is ready to see Mercedes Mone’ let out of the cage. What is she gonna do now?

I hope and pray that someday we see her in some capacity in AEW. And if by chance I could be in the connection too I would be very, very for that.”
Sasha Banks is widely recognized as one of the most talented wrestlers in the industry today. Her sudden departure from WWE in May 2022 sparked intense discussion and speculation among wrestling fans eager to learn the reasons behind her departure.

However, Banks later resurfaced in NJPW under the ring name Mercedes Mone, cementing her reputation as a significant figure in the world of professional wrestling. After making her debut in Japan, Mone went on to become the IWGP Women’s Champion at NJPW Battle in the Valley in February by defeating KAIRI.

Recently, Britt Baker said she hopes to see Mone at AEW as well, at least in some capacity. The Doctor alluded to herself as “The Boss” in the build-up to a tag team bout on AEW Dynamite in January against Saraya and an unidentified partner. Mercedes Moné had previously gone by this moniker while working for WWE. The mystery partner ended up being Toni Strom.

While speaking to the New York Post, Baker called out Mercedes and wanted a match with her in All Elite Wrestling:

“It’s weird to see now that she’s [Mercedes Mone] out in the wild. She’s not completely inaccessible in a way. These are very realistic matchups that could happen and I think the world is ready to see Mercedes Moné let out of the cage. What is she gonna do now? I hope and pray that someday, we see her in some capacity in AEW. And if by chance I could be in the connection too, I would be very, very for that.”

Mercedes Mone’s future in professional wrestling remains uncertain, as she has indicated that she is not interested in a long-term deal with AEW.

However, Mone has hinted at the possibility of working with Kenny Omega in the future, which could pave the way for her to debut in the company. Given New Japan and AEW’s positive relationship, this could be a reality sooner rather than later.

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