The Goldberg antithesis” – Wrestling fans relentlessly poke fun at a masked star after he became first wrestler to lose 100 AEW matches

Following the latest episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, Serpentico has become the first All Elite star to accumulate 100 losses. As expected, fans have reacted to this record on Twitter.

Serpentico has experienced numerous setbacks since making his AEW debut in March 2020. While he has achieved some victories, he frequently loses. His record with the organization was 13-99 before his match on the AEW Dark: Elevation episode airing on December 5.

On Monday, Serpentico competed against Lee Moriarty in a singles match. With his victory, Moriarty handed the star his 100th defeat in AEW.

Serpentico’s notable loss made him the first wrestler in All Elite Wrestling history to accumulate 100 losses. The unique record has sparked a wild Twitter reaction from fans.

One fan called him the Anti-Thesis of Goldberg. The latter had a dominant winning streak as opposed to a losing one.

I gotta say, I do feel like @AEW missed an opportunity to do something fun with #Serpentico’s 100th loss

Serpentico has wrestled in singles matches for the entirety of his time with the Jacksonville-based promotion. He has also teamed up with Luther for the Chaos Project.

He continues to be active in the independent scene as well, where he has had more success. He most recently achieved victory on November 12 at the PPW event Thunder Struck.

AEW star discusses how Tony Khan became interested in him

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020, the star made his All Elite Wrestling debut as Jon Cruz. His most notable performance was when he faced Darby Allin on Dark, where he went by the name Serpentico, a wrestler in a mask.

On Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Serpentico discussed the time Tony Khan complimented him on his work during the aforementioned match with Darby Allin.

Serpentico stated that Khan wasn’t initially aware that Jon Cruz and Serpentico were the same people:

“Tony stopped me and told me, ‘Hey, the match with Darby is one that sold me on you,’ because he had no idea that Jon Cruz and Serpentico were the same person. The match was over and then because we have no fans, we go on break and we walk back to the tunnels, and he met me halfway. He’s like, ‘I had no idea that was you,'” said Serpentico. (H/T – Wrestling Inc)

Serpentico performs frequently on both Dark and Dark: Elevation, where he has become an integral part of both shows.

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