He almost paralyzed the Undertaker.” – 10 times Goldberg was called out for being too dangerous to wrestle by Twitter By

Bill Goldberg is one of the most controversial superstars in wrestling. On the one hand, the former world champion is beloved by many fans. He took over the wrestling world in the 1990s and rose to prominence quicker than almost anybody before or since.

However, some fans and wrestling personalities question the big man’s skills, passion for the industry, and, most notably, professionalism. The man infamous for his undefeated The Streak is also considered to be a dangerous worker by many, including Bret Hart.

Bill is a regular punching bag for Bret Hart, but it wasn’t just one incident with one superstar that fans called into question. Twitter often calls the former WCW Champion out for allegedly being a dangerous worker, justified or not. The WWE Hall of Famer has had an incredible career, but it hasn’t always been smooth.

This article takes a look at 10 times Goldberg was called out for being too dangerous to wrestle by the Twitterverse.

Many fans believe Bill Goldberg is dangerous

Bill Goldberg has had a lot of success in his professional wrestling career. He rose to prominence in World Championship Wrestling, where he captured the tag team titles, the United States Championship, and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

He’s also had success in WWE. He’s previously held the World Heavyweight Championship and even captured the Universal Championship twice. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

While many love the former WCW star, some believe he is reckless, even if they liked him in the past or feel he’s a nice guy. One Twitter user went as far as to call the legend trash but also pointed out that he was a nice guy.

@WrestleFigNews @VintageJakksBCA @RingsideC @Goldberg @BretHart @Mattel Goldberg is trash, nice enough guy, but he’s dangerous

Another fan was less forgiving, mentioning Goldberg nearly dropping Bray Wyatt on his head when the two locked horns in the past.

Goldberg can’t even hit a ducking jackhammer almost dropped @WWEBrayWyatt on his head. He’s dangerous and always has been knocking himself out ending Bret hart etc

Twitter used @castergunx didn’t hold back, claiming the legend’s actions when he smashed a windshield in WCW out of frustration summed up his entire career.

@thornedbeautyV3 considering that goldberg ended bret hart’s career and nearly ended his own on several occasions

you’re being pretty reasonable.

plus, he’s never gotten better

i think this moment sums up goldberg in a nutshell: dangerous, unnecessary, and just plain dumb

While fans can dismiss Goldberg for various reasons, there’s no denying his success. With the right opponents, Goldberg has had some memorable matches and moments.

Some Twitter users point to his history with Bret Hart

Should Bret Hart bury the hatchet with Goldberg?

Despite the legend’s accolades, not every wrestler sings his praises. As mentioned earlier, Bret Hart regularly attacks the Hall of Famer whenever he’s asked about the big man. Their issues stem from a match they had in World Championship Wrestling, where an alleged errant kick cost The Hitman his wrestling career.

Bret’s animosity towards Bill has reached the point where Hart believes there’s no place for Goldberg in the WWE Hall of Fame. While some fans believe Bret should let go of the past, and a few even think it isn’t warranted, to begin with, many side with the legendary submission expert.

One Twitter user noted that they were a fan of the former Universal Champion until they found out how dangerous he is, pointing to the aforementioned Bret Hart incident.

@TequilaDanKC @IrrelevantScott Loved Goldberg until I realized just how dangerous he was for other wrestlers to work with…especially Bret Hart.

Another fan criticized Goldberg for his selling, nicknaming the legend “Oldberg” while also noting that he sees where Bret Hart is coming from with his criticisms.

@WWE @Goldberg @fightbobby Does he know what leg to pretend is injured? Please no more oldberg! I start to see why Bret Hart says he’s dangerous to work with in the ring and he’s only getter older lol

Another fan happily pointed out the issues between Bret Hart and Goldberg while also throwing in their opinion about whether the latter should still be competing.

Daily reminder that Bret Hart dislikes Goldberg. Says he should be removed from the hall of fame. Honestly, he’s a dangerous worker who should have retired years ago. #wwe

A Twitter user named Erin Clarke believes Goldberg has been careless for decades, pointing to the Hart incident and believing that the former almost killed Bobby Lashley.

@IggyHenny He has been for decades. It was a careless kick that ended Bret Hart’s career. Hart’s been saying ever since that Goldberg is an extremely dangerous worker. He almost killed Lashley

The Hall of Famer has millions of fans all over the world, including many who grew up idolizing him. Some of his peers have proven to be fond of the former world champion, but clearly, Bret Hart and many of his fans are not.

Fans believe that Bill nearly killed The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia

The match we’ve ALL been waiting for: The #Undertaker vs. @Goldberg for the FIRST-TIME EVER at #WWESSD!

The Undertaker vs. Goldberg was a dream match for many dating back to the late 1990s. Both men dominated their respective promotions, and a bout between them felt like a clash between the Titans. Unfortunately, it never happened while they were in their prime.

Da Man joined WWE in 2003 for just one year, where he was a member of the RAW brand. During the same time, The Deadman was on SmackDown. The Undertaker was also off television for much of the run as he transitioned from Big Evil back to The Phenom.

After a decade and a half, fans were excited to finally have a chance to see the two clash at Super ShowDown 2019. Unfortunately, the bout didn’t go as hoped, and more fans believed Bill to be dangerous following the match.

One fan compared Goldberg to Nia Jax, believing both should be far away from the wrestling industry.

Goldberg almost killed undertaker at Crown Jewel at the time he is so unsafe to work with like Nia Jax they need to stay far away from pro wrestling they are too dangerous.

One Twitter user claimed that the former Universal Champion nearly paralyzed The Undertaker when they wrestled while also pointing out his advanced age. There was an errant Jackhammer in the match that looked scary, which is likely what many fans are pointing to.

@WWEonFOX @WWE Why would WWE want a 54 year old man as the Champion? I remember when WCW became an old man’s league. Seriously Goldberg is dangerous to work with, he almost paralyzed the Undertaker. Goldberg can’t wrestle more than 5 minutes before he’s exhausted, again he’s 54 years old.

Some on social media have questioned why the former WCW World Champion receives so much hate. A fan pointed out many potential reasons, including the claim that he nearly killed The Undertaker while reinforcing the idea that Bill is dangerous.

@TheTubbernaught @WWE @Goldberg @fightbobby Ended the fiend caracter
Nearly killed the undertaker
Took kevin owens title in less than a minuit and it slowed down the career of ko
Dangerous wrestler
Takes younger anf more talented superstars spot
And you havent got the Goldberg hate?

Nobody is sure what the future holds for the Hall of Famer. If he returns to action, there will likely be a contingency of fans who will rebel against him because of the perception of him being dangerous, but many will continue to cheer on their hero.

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WWE SmackDown Bret Hart Goldberg WWE Universal Championship

These comments are stupid. Undertaker made just as many mistakes in that match,including dropping Goldberg on his head in a shit Tombstone. And the creative decisions that WWE makes are the writers fault. Wake up,you fucking marks.

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