Paul Heyman finally discloses how Roman Reigns deals with creative ideas backstage

Roman Reigns has been part of arguably the most thrilling storyline in recent WWE history featuring The Bloodline and Sami Zayn.

WWE veteran and Bloodline member Paul Heyman explained how Reigns and he often deals with creative ideas that are being pitched to them backstage.

Speaking in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Heyman revealed that he and Reigns generally try to fit the narrative with the ideas:

“There are a lot of people who have worked really hard to make this work, it kind of all filters through Roman Reigns’ field and there are several people that come to me to present things to Roman and then Roman and I will talk about it and come back with either, something that fits into their narrative or we would hope, we could perhaps enhance it or put it in our own words or come back with, ‘Nah, that doesn’t work for us but what about this’, and then start a different process where we are bouncing ideas off of them.” said Paul Heyman [9:38-10:32]

Dax Harwood opened up about Roman Reigns’ booking

Dax Harwood recently spoke about Roman Reigns’ poor booking in WWE and how it hindered his rise to the top of the company.

Speaking on the FTR Podcast, Harwood explained his theory on why the WWE Universe had turned their backs on Reigns in the past. He said:

“Look at how Roman was booked in 2018-2019. Always on top. No one ever felt worried for him, except for with Brock. But everybody feels worried when you’re working with Brock (laughs). But that’s kind of why the fans turned on him at the time. Nothing to (sic) his fault, they just had nothing to cheer. It’s kind of like the Superman effect. Superman does have kryptonite, but other than that, man, he’s bulletproof. He can beat the sh*t out of everybody.”

The Tribal Chief will be in action against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. He will be defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

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