[WATCH] WWE fans loudly boo Sami Zayn at Road to WrestleMania show after he botched on purpose

Sami Zayn cleverly trolled WWE fans at a recent Road to WrestleMania live event in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Zayn competed in the show’s main event, where he joined forces with Braun Strowman and Ricochet to face Imperium in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. The top babyfaces picked up a big win against the Gunther-led faction, following which Zayn took the mic to cut a promo.

He addressed WWE fans in the audience and thanked them for their unconditional support. However, Zayn accidentally said Kingston and not Kitchener when listing cities where fans have helped create good shows by being vocal.

“I am not going to make this too long, it has been a long night. It has been an awesome night. We were in the back all night listening to you guys, you all brought the energy tonight. You guys were awesome, thank you very much. I know I am a Montreal guy, but whether it is Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, or right here tonight in Ki

The sentence was immediately met with loud boos from WWE fans as their favorite babyface botched the name of the place. However, Zayn promptly said that he knows they are in Kitchener and justified his wish to “mess with fans” by reminding everyone that he was a bad guy not long ago.

He continued, “I knew we were in Kitchener. Hey, I was a bad guy not that long ago. Some habits don’t die easy, alright? I mess with you guys every now and then.”

You can watch the full video of Sami Zayn’s promo below:

It appears as though Sami Zayn trolled fans in the audience on purpose. However, if it was a genuine botch, Zayn deserves credit for an excellent recovery with quick thinking.

Sami Zayn booked for a huge match on WWE RAW

Sami Zayn is set to face Jimmy Uso on WWE RAW tonight. The match was booked after SmackDown’s main event, where Jimmy helped Solo Sikoa defeat Zayn with clever interference.

Following that, the two Bloodline members launched a brutal attack on Zayn, but he recovered in time to hit Jimmy with a Helluva Kick before escaping from the arena. The turn of events left Roman Reigns seething with anger backstage as he saw his arch-nemesis get the better of The Bloodline once again.

Interestingly, Reigns also gave an ultimatum to Jimmy Uso regarding his brother Jey. The Tribal Chief warned Jimmy that he would be answerable if The Right Hand Man didn’t show up to reconcile with his family next week on WWE SmackDown.

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