Goldberg Is No More Tied To WWE, Reason Behind Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Speculated Return Revealed

There are some exciting updates coming in related to two WWE veterans- Bill Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The spear machine is said to have no ties left with the company, and below is all you need to know.

Before Elimination Chamber, Bill had confirmed that he has just a single match left on his contract. A few days back, he had uploaded a video for fans from Riyadh, where the pay-per-view took place. In the caption, he gave a hint that he might wrestle for the last time. He wrote, “Possibly my final mission in the wrestling world.

Interestingly, even though Goldberg has hinted towards retirement, he has expressed his desire several times of continuing his work with WWE. In fact, Bill’s in-ring work has improved a lot since his last dull stint in the company. As of now, there are no talks in the promotion about signing a new contract with Bill. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

Another news is about the highly-anticipated return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s reportedly planned for a feud with Kevin Owens, landing them a match at Wrestlemania 38. It’s a dream feud for many and fans are eagerly waiting for Austin to return. Now, the real reason behind Austin’s return has been revealed and the straight-up answer is MONEY!

The Texas rattlesnake is now 57-year-old. It makes sense to return during a time when WWE allots a hefty pay for matches compared to a few years back. So, it’s time to fill the pocket!

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